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October 2017

Group Members 2017-2018

Dr David Burnett Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Alexander Dunn Year 4 PhD Student

Tom Scott Year 4 PhD Student (joint with Professor Pat Unwin)

Lucy McLeod (née Broom) Year 3 PhD Student

James Crosland Year 2 PhD Student

Emily Corlett Year 2 PhD Student (MAS-CDT; main supervisor Professor Steven Brown)

Aron Summer Year 1 PhD Student (MAS-CDT)

Tom Chamberlain Year 1 PhD Student (joint with Dr Volkan Degirmenci)

Matthew Lloyd MSc Student

James Annis MChem Project Student

Katie Everden MChem Project Student

Siân Franklin MChem Project Student

Marina Duarte Figueiredo MSc student visiting from UFMG, Brazil

Visitor: Dr Helen Playford Visiting Fellow from ISIS Neutron and Muon Source

Previous Group Members
Dr Adam Hazelwood PhD 2000-2002

Dr Jeroen Spooren PhD 2001-2004

Dr Christopher Wright PhD 2002-2006

Dr Huaixin Yang Royal Society K.C. Wong Fellow 2002-2003

Dr Zoe Lethbridge PDRA 2003-2009

Dr Jennifer Williams PhD 2003-2007

Dr Uday Singh PDRA 2003-2004

Dr David Muñoz-Rojas Visiting PhD Student from ICMAB-CSIC, Barcelona, 2003 & 2004

Dr Dorota Majda British-Council Poland Research Fellow 2006

Dr Mahrez Amri PhD 2006-2010

Dr Deena Modeshia PhD 2006-2010

Dr Helen Playford MChem, PhD & Postdoctoral Fellow 2006-2013

Dr Robin Fisher PhD 2007-2011

Dr Agnieszka Węgrzyn British-Council Poland Research Fellow 2007

Dr Richard Darton PDRA 2008

Dr Kripasindhu Sardar PDRA & KTS Fellow with Johnson Matthey 2008-2011

Dr Alexis Munn PhD 2009-2013

Dr Hilni Harunsani PhD 2009-2013

Dr Anna Carnerup PDRA 2009-2010

Dr Craig Hiley MChem, PhD & Postdoctoral Fellow 2009-2015

Dr Matthew Breeze MChem and PhD 2009-2014

Dr Peter Dunne PDRA 2010-2012

Dr Luke Daniels, PhD 2011-2015

Magdalena Wojciechowska Visiting PhD Student from Jagiellonian University, Poland 2011

Yuanbin Qin Visiting PhD Student from Institute of Physics, CAS, Beijing 2011

Vickie Cheung AS-MIT MSc Student 2011

Dr David Burnett MChem and PhD 2011-2016

Dr Juliana Fonseca de Lima Visiting PhD student from Universidade de São Paulo, Ribeirão Preto, Brazil 2012 & FAPESP Research Fellow 2013-2014

Kinga Mlekodaj Visiting ERASMUS PhD Student from Jagiellonian University, Poland 2012-2013

Professor Kou-Lin Zhang Visiting Academic from Yangzhou University, China 2013

Akina Carey MSc 2013-2014

Dr Daniel Cook PhD 2014-2017

Dr Kenny Marshall PhD (joint with Dr Ross Hatton) 2014-2017

Professor Geraldo de Lima Visiting Professor from UFMG, Belo Horizonte, Brazil 2016-2017

Ralentri Pertiwi Visiting Student from Universitas Indonesia 2017