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Psi-k Workshop on Theory and Simulation Challenges of Nano Phase-Change Materials

13th - 15th of September 2017, University of Warwick

This workshop will discuss strategies for the computational modelling of nano phase-change materials (NPCMs) and related phenomena. The limitations of currently available modelling tools, as well as possible solutions, will be reviewed. Topics considered include the thermodynamics and kinetics of nano-crystalline phase change processes and the connection between theory and experiments via computation of spectral properties. We hope to motivate collaborations and further advancements in the methodologies for modelling NPCMs.

Keynote speakers

Jutta Rogal — Ruhr-Universität Bochum
Eric Faulques —Université de Nantes
Chris Ewels — Université de Nantes
Normand Mousseau — Université de Montréal
Matthias Wuttig — RWTH Aachen University
Jeremy Sloan — University of Warwick
Stephen Elliott — University of Cambridge

Invited speakers

Elena Besley — University of Nottingham
Gabor Csanyi — University of Cambridge
Mark Wilson — University of Oxford
Lionel Truflandier — Université de Bordeaux
Nicola Bonini — Kings College London
Gabriele Sosso — University College London

The workshop is open to all researchers interested in theory and simulation of phase change materials, relevant computational tools and related experimental techniques. Places are limited. We have a small number of slots for contributed oral presentations. Early registration is encouraged.

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