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First International Symposium on Cellular Computing

December 09-10th 2004

Two-day Cellular Computing Symposium CELLCOM04

Centre for Scientific Computing, University of Warwick

Organisers: M. Amos (Exeter), R.A. Roemer (Warwick)

[Sponsored by funds from the EPSRC]

Background and Purpose

We wish to announce the First International Symposium on Cellular Computing (CELLCOM04), to be held at the University of Warwick, December 09-10th 2004.

This event will be the first to bring together researchers from across the globe working on the theory and practise of cellular computing. Topics of interest include (but are not restricted to) gene regulation, metabolic networks, cell signalling, simulation and theoretical models of cellular processes. We have particularly encouraged papers describing experimental results.

Confirmed invited speakers include:

There is no registration fee for the symposium, and meals and accommodation (for a bounded number of delegates) will be provided free of charge.

New: Selected papers from the Symposium will appear in a special issue of the journal Natural Computing.


All places for the symposium are now filled but it is possible to submit your details to be held on a reserve list. To do this please email Cheryl Sutton ( giving your name, affiliation, telephone and email addresses.

Organisation, Resources

Participation will be limited to 40 delegates. There is no conference fee and meals and refreshments will be provided. Overnight accommodation for the 9th December can be provided for a number of delegates but there will be no support for travel.

The symposium will start at 10.30 am at the Scarman Conference Centre at the University of Warwick. Note that the university is located at the outskirts of Coventry and not in Warwick. See for travel details and for maps of the central campus. In case you come by car, parking is available for delegates at the Conference Centre.

Preliminary Programme

The preliminary programme below may be subject to minor changes.

Time Title Speaker
9th DEC    
10.30-11.00 Coffee and registration  
  Session 1: Chair - Martyn Amos  
11.00-12.00 Engineering Digital, Analog and Transient Behaviour in Cells Weiss
12.00-12.20 The Epitheliome: a Software Agent-Based Model of Biological Cells Walker
12.20-12.40 Parallelisation of Cell Agent-Based Modelling Coakley
12.40-13.00 Modelling of Cancer Gene-Signal Systems Nagl
13.00-14.00 Lunch  
  Session 2: Chair - Alan Gibbons  
14.00-15.00 The Spectral Features of Stochastic Fluctuations Reveal Details of the Underlying Gene Circuit Structure and Function Simpson
15.00-15.20 Principles of Self-Organisation in Cells and Tissues Kirkilionis
15.20-15.40 Nature's Quorum Sensing as a Computation and Communication Mechanism for Multi-particulate Systems Krasnogor
15.40-16.00 Membrane Computing Model for Tiles Self-Assembly Gheorghe
16.00-16.20 Coffee  
  Session 3: Chair - David Hodgson  
16.20-17.20 Thinking About Evolution in Terms of Cellular Computing Shapiro
17.20-17.40 Agent-Based Modelling of Intracellular Signalling Pathways Pogson
17.40-18.00 How Asymmetric Septation Induces Sporulation in B.subtilis Iber
18.00-18.20 Modelling the Higher Plant Circadian Clock Locke
20.00 Dinner  
10th DEC    
09.30-10.00 Coffee  
  Session 4: Chair - Matthew Turner  
10.00-11.00 Precision in the Design and Analysis of Nucleic Acid Circuits Cantor
11.00-11.20 Electronic Transport in DNA - the Disorder Perspective Roemer
11.20-11.40 A Bayesian Systematic Approach to Modelling Cellular Drug Transport and Receptor Binding: Applications to Cellular Computing Crabbe
11.40-12.00 Coffee  
  Session 5: Chair - Natalio Krasnogor  
12.00-12.20 Investigations into Graceful Degradation of Evolutionary Developmental Software Bentley
12.20-12.40 Evolution in Virtual Materio: Configuring Artificial Neural Networks using Small Amounts of Information Harding
12.40-13.00 Self-Regulated Complexity and Information Processing in Neural Networks Hulata
13.00-13.20 The Space of Functional Correlations - a Possible Arena for Biological Computing Baruchi
13.20 Farewell  


  Name Affiliation Contribution
1 Dr Ozgur Akman University of Warwick Delegate
2 Dr Martyn Amos University of Exeter Organiser
3 Mr Itay Baruchi Tel-Aviv University Speaker
4 Mr Brian Bell BAE Systems Delegate
5 Dr Peter J. Bentley University College London Speaker
6 Mr Pablo Blinder Tel-Aviv University Speaker
7 Dr Paul Brown University of Warwick Delegate
8 Dr Nigel Burroughs University of Warwick Delegate
9 Dr Charles Cantor Boston University/Sequenom Inc. Invited Speaker
10 Ms Wing Chiu Tong University of Leeds Delegate
11 Mr Simon Coakley University of Sheffield Speaker
12 Ms Cristina Costa Santini University of York Delegate
13 Prof James Crabbe University of Reading Speaker
14 Mr Alexander Croy University of Warwick Delegate
15 Prof David Epstein, FRS University of Warwick Delegate
16 Dr Pierluigi Frisco University of Exeter Delegate
17 Dr Marian Gheorghe University of Sheffield Speaker
18 Prof Alan Gibbons Kings College London Delegate
19 Mr Ed Grew University of Exeter Delegate
20 Mr Simon Harding University of York Speaker
21 Ms Rachel Harris University of Birmingham Speaker
22 Dr David Hodgson University of Warwick Delegate
23 Prof Mike Holcombe University of Sheffield Delegate
24 Mr Eyal Hulata Tel-Aviv University Speaker
25 Ms Dagmar Iber Oxford University Speaker
26 Dr Markus Kirkilionis University of Warwick Speaker
27 Dr Natalio Krasnogor University of Nottingham Speaker
28 Mr Peter Krusche University of Warwick Delegate
29 Mr James Locke University of Warwick Speaker
30 Dr Julian Miller University of York Speaker
31 Dr Sylvia Nagl Royal Free & University College Medical School Speaker
32 Mr Mark Pogson University of Sheffield Speaker
33 Dr Rudolf A Roemer University of Warwick Organiser
34 Dr Domingo Salazar University of Warwick Delegate
35 Prof James Shapiro University of Chicago Invited Speaker
36 Dr Mike Simpson Oak Ridge National Laboratory Invited Speaker
37 Mr Christoph Sohrmann University of Warwick Delegate
38 Dr Gunnar Tufte Norwegian University of Science and Technology Delegate
39 Dr Matthew Turner University of Warwick Delegate
40 Dr Dawn Walker University of Sheffield Speaker
41 Dr Ron Weiss Princeton University Invited Speaker
42 Ms S Wongsa University of Sheffield Delegate
43 Ms Jing Yang University of Sheffield Delegate