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Mathematical Physics in Berlin: Positivity and Integrability

Friday, December 16th 2005

One-day Symposium PosInt05

Fachbereich Physik, Freie Universität Berlin

Organisers: R.A. Roemer (Physics, Warwick), M. Schmidt (Mathematics, Mannheim)

[Sponsored partially by funds from the DFG]

PosInt05 panorama of all participants - click for LARGE version

Background and Purpose

Mathematical Physics has had a home at the FU Berlin since the early 1970s. With the imminent retirement of Robert Schrader and Michael Karowski, and the previous retirement of Bernd Schroer in 2002, the end of an era has been reached. This meeting is to celebrate the successes achieved in research and teaching of mathematical physics over the years in Berlin and to gather those who were and are involved with the advances in mathematical physics both in Berlin and beyond. Together with Michael and Robert, we want to revisit some of the key steps and advances in quantum field theory, its euclidean variants as well as its integrable "cousins". And we want to see where the current problems in the field are and how a new generation of physicists - many of which have been trained and associated with the group in Berlin in some way - intends to tackle these.

A Review of "Positivity and Integrability" by Prof. B. Schroer

Based on past contributions by Robert Schrader and Michael Karowski, the problem of the existence of an interacting quantum field theory is recalled; recent ideas and results on rigorous constructions are reviewed. [download PDF version]


The symposium will bring together leading scientists interested in mathematical physics. The lecturers in the following list are confirmed, their time slots are not.

Time Title Lecturer Affiliation
09:00-09:50 Registration    
09:50-10:00 Welcome    
10:00-10:50 Some tools from stochastic analysis Prof. Dr. J. Potthoff Mannheim
10:50-11:00 discussion    
11:00-11:50 Q-Adiabatic Prof. Dr. R. Seiler Berlin
11:50-12:00 discussion    
12:00-13:00 lunch    
13:00-13:50 Integrable systems in contemporary physics Prof. Dr. A. Foerster Porto Allegre
13:50-14:00 discussion    
14:00-14:40 Remminiscences on positivity Prof. Dr. A. Jaffe Harvard
14:30-14:45 discussion    
14:45-15:15 tea time    
15:15-15:25 Verabschiedung durch den Fachbereich Prof. Dr. I. Peschel FU Berlin
15:25-16:15 Die Wissenschaftspolitik in Deutschland Prof. Dr. K. Osterwalder, Rektor der ETH Zürich Zürich
16:15-16:30 discussion    
16:30-17:20 Quantum Liouville theory and the quantum theory of Riemann surfaces Dr. habil. J. Teschner Hamburg
17:20-17:30 discussion    
19:00-22:00 conference dinner Ristorante Trattoria "Piazza Michelangelo" Breitenbachplatz 4, 14195 Berlin, Tel. 030/8245788

Organisation, Resources

Participation shall be free of charge but be limited to about 50 participants. During the symposium, an afternoon tea shall be provided, lunch is left to the discretion of the participants. We will not charge a conference fee and are able to provide some support for travel and accommodation. If you signed-up for the dinner, please remember to pay for yourself and each accompanying partner 40 EUR upon registration in cash.

The workshop will start at 09:00-09:50 am with registration close to room HSA of the Physics Department at the Freie Universität Berlin. The Physics Department is located in Arnimallee 14. See travel for travel details and map for maps of the FUB campus. In case you come by car and need reserved parking in the physics car park, please contact the organizers well before your arrival.

The time available for the talks is 45-50 minutes and they should be understandable also to a non-specialist audience. A standard black board, an overhead projector and a computer projector will be available in the room. If you need anything else for your talk, please let us know.

Confirmed Participants

Data should be correct up to 06 Dec 2005, 11:00 BST. This is all the data we hold, so if things appear wrong, contact the organizers at

Name Affiliation Contribution 15-16 Dec 16-17 Dec Dinner Attendance
Anna Beliakova Mathematics, U Zürich delegate x x 1
Philippe Blanchard Physics, U Bielefeld delegate x x 1
Detlev Buchholz Physics, U Göttingen delegate - x 1
Volker Enss Mathematics, RWTH Aachen delegate x x 1
Rainald Flume Physics, U Bonn delegate x x until 18.12. 1
Angela Foerster UFRGS, Porto Alegre speaker x from 13.12. x until 18.12. 1
Klaus Fredenhagen Physics, U Hamburg delegate - - 1
Regina Geisler Berlin delegate - - 1
Klaus Hepp Physics, ETH Zürich delegate x x 1
Rolf Herken Mental Images GmbH, Berlin delegate - - 1
Arthur Jaffe Physics, U Harvard speaker - x 1
Michael Karowski Physics, FU Berlin delegate - - 3
Andreas Knauf Mathematics, U Erlangen delegate - - 1
Vadim Kostrykin Mathematics, TU Clausthal delegate x x 1
Konrad Osterwalder Mathematics, ETH Zürich speaker - x 1
Jürgen Potthoff Mathematics, U Mannheim speaker x x 1
Thomas Quella Mathematics, King's College delegate - - 1
Helmut Reeh Physics, U Göttingen delegate - - 2
Rudolf A Roemer CSC, U Warwick organizer - - 2
Renate Rothe Physics, FU Berlin conference secretary - - 1
Martin Schmidt Mathematics, U Mannheim organizer - - 2
Robert Schrader Physics, FU Berlin delegate - - 4
Bert Schroer Physics, FU Berlin delegate - - 1
Erhard Seiler MPI, München delegate x x 1
Ruedi Seiler Mathematics, TU Berlin delegate - - 2
Michael Stiller Physics, U Hamburg delegate - - -
Jörg Teschner Physics, U Hamburg speaker - - 1
Hans-Jürgen Thun Seeheim-Jugenheim delegate 2x 2x 2
Peter Weisz MPI, München delegate - - -

Legend: "x"= accomodation needed, "-"= no accomodation needed, "?"= no information available at present


The application deadline was Nov 15th 2005.

If you wish to participate, please submit the form below by November 15th, 2005. If you encounter problems doing this, please email it to or fax it to +49 1212 67836763637. If you want to stay overnight, there is a large range of hotels and B&Bs available in Berlin. Please indicate your choice below and we will arrange the booking for you.

Registration form:

Prof Dr Mr Mrs



Phone: Fax:


Travel choice: Plane Train Car Other

Estimated arrival: 15 Dec Evening 16 Dec Morning

Accomodation Dates: Dec 15-16 Dec 16-17

Rooms: not needed single double more

Accomodation Costs: low cost (?? EUR) high cost (?? EUR)

Participants attending the dinner (include yourself and additional partners):
none one two three more

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