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Ruhuna International School on Computational and Mathematical Physics (RISCMAP)

20 December 2004 - 2 January 2005


Rudolf A. Roemer
(Department of Physics, University of Warwick)

Janak Wedagedera
(Department of Mathematics, University of Ruhuna)


Online Registration Page


Participants in the School are expected to be research students (M. Phil. and Ph. D. candidates), post-doctoral students, university teachers and others. Junior scientists involved in diverse programmes of applied mathematics, theoretical physics and computing (scientific computation and modelling) are especially welcomed.

School fees

As a general rule participants will take care of their own travel and living expenses and pay the registration fee: 305 EUR. CIMPA will evaluate applications and may waive registration fee and award a limited number of scholarships (travel and/or living expenses) to some participants coming from developing countries and unable to find other sources of support.

Deadlines for registration:

October 15, 2004 if you intend to apply for partial travel support.

November 20, 2004 if you do not want such support.

Online Registration form:

Please complete this form if you want to register for the school and send us your

  • 1 letter stating your motivations
  • 1 curriculum vitae
  • 2 different letters of recommendation
  • 1 passport photograph
to one of these addresses:
Fax: 0094 41 2222683 (with the attention to RISCMAP-MATHEMATICS)
Post: RISCMAP, Department of Mathematics, University of Ruhuna, Matara 81000, Sri Lanka.

Personal details:

Title: Prof    Dr    Other   


Date of Birth:

Sex: Female    Male


Personal Address:

Phone: , Fax:


Web Page:

Is this your preferred mailing address: Yes

Academic details:

Name and Address of your Institution:

Phone: , Fax:

(the initial registration confirmation will be emailed to this address, please make sure you enter a valid address)

Web Page:

Is this your preferred mailing address: Yes

Present position (student, lecturer, other to be specified):

Latest degree (specify date and university):

Degree in preparation (specify university):

Research field:

Do you belong to a research group? Which one?

Name of the person in charge:

Number of persons working in this research group:

Travel Details:

Estimated cost of your travel in economy class: (in EUR)

Financed by:

Amount of the grant: (in EUR)

Flight into Sri Lanka (if known)   (e.g., UL777)
Arrival Date:   Arrival Time:

Flight from Sri Lanka (if known)   
Departure Date:   Departure Time:

Local travel to Matara:

Train    Car    Other    Estimated arrival time:  

Financial Support Details:


Financed by:

Amount of the grant: (in EUR)

Registration fee:

Financed by:

Amount of the grant: (in EUR)

List institutions you have applied to for financial support (other than CIMPA):

Are you working in a developing country and would like to apply for partial support?

Yes    No

Conference preferences:

Would you like to present a poster / short presentation?

Yes    No


Dietary requirements:

None    Vegetarian    Vegan    Other    Please specify:  

Will you be accompanied with additional accompanying persons and shall need accomodation for them at your own cost? Yes    No

Further issues:

Do you have personal insurance covering illness, injuries and other risks? Yes    No

NOTE : In any case CIMPA will not cover your health care, hospitalization and repatriation expenses. Health insurance is mandatory and you must provide evidence.

Did you already participate in a CIMPA school? If you did, please list title(s) and year(s) of the School(s):

And last, please do not forget to send us per email, fax or post:

  • 1 letter stating your motivations
  • 1 curriculum vitae
  • 2 different letters of recommendation
  • 1 passport photograph