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Scientific Computing Research Showcase

Scientific Computing at Warwick University, in conjunction with the Materials Global Research Priority Group, are holding a day of events on the 2nd February 2016.

A day combining workshops, presentations and the official openning of our new High Performance Computer 'Tinis'

This day of events will be held in the Computer Science Building


Time Scientific Computing Where Materials GRP Where
Funding for Material ModellingInitiatives
(A. Troisi, J. Burden)
room CS0.07
12.00 - 12.30 Lunch CS0.07 Lunch and Informal Discussion room CS0.07
12.30 - 13.00 Opening of Tinis Foyer
13.00 - 13.30 Poster session


Breakout session
(Discussion on modelling
hybrid solar cells)
Room CS0.07
13.30 - 15.00

15.00 - 16.00

Presentation by Oliver Yang.


This event is an opportunity for the Scientific Computing Research Community to come together to celebrate and showcase the breadth and excellence of Scientific Computing research undertaken at Warwick University.

A more detailed schedule will be available as speakers are confirmed.

If you would ike to attend any or all of these sessions please use the registration form that can be found here so that we can plan the day appropriately.

For more information with regard to the Materials GRP element of the day please contact Prof Alessandro Troisi a dot troisi at warwick dot ac dot uk

For more information about the Sccientific Computing elements please contact Vida Glanville csc-secretary at warwick dot ac dot uk

People attending the Showcase
Name Department Poster/Presentation
Prof Tim Jones PVC Research  
Prof Mark Rodger CSC and Chemistry  
Prof Alison Rodger Chemistry  
Prof Darek Ceglarek WMG  
Prof Nigel Stocks School of Engineering  
Prof Colin Sparrow Warwick Mathematics Institute  
Prof Stephen Jarvis Department of Computer Science  
Prof Mark Steel Statistics  
Prof David Leadley Physics  

Prof. Gary Bending
Life Sciences  
Prof Mohan K. Balasubramanian WMS  
Zhixin Wang School of Engineering Direct numerical simulation of unsteady turbulent pipe flows
Ben Coltman Physics (Disordered Quantum Systems Group) Modelling Aharonov-Bohm Excitons using Bohmian Mechanics
Mohamad Arif Mohamad Jam Ali School of Engineering  
Matt Ismail CSC  
Andrij Vasylenko Department of Physics  
Siva Samavedam School of Life Sciences, University of Warwick  
Veselina Uzunova Life Sciences  
Chinedu Nwaigwe Centre for Scientific Computing A Coupling Method for River-Flood Models.
Michael Ambler Physics Calculation of Interfacial Free Energies between crystals and their melt.
Minsuok Kim School of Engineering Multi-dimensional Modelling of Dynamic Flows in Central Airways for Normal Breathing
Oliver Yang School of Engineering Presentation: Turbulent skin-friction control by spanwise wall motion at high Reynolds numbers
Gwilym Enstone Complexity Science Enhancement of island size through surface roughness in simulations of graphene growth
Yongmann Chung Engineering/CSC  
David Quigley Physics  
Punit Patel Warwick Centre for Predictive Modelling  
Yuanwei Xu CSC MBAR-enhanced Monte Carlo with Application to Lattice Protein Aggregation
Ebiyibo Collins Ouserigha Physics  
Talha Qaiser University of Warwick  
Korsuk Sirinukunwattana Department of Computer Science  
Joel Nicholls Complexity Science Encoding structure selectivity and phase transitions into polyomino models of 2D assemblies
Nasir Rajpoot University of Warwick  
Edoardo Carnio Physics Ab initio Anderson localisation in Si:P
Anja Humpert Physics Modelling of nanoparticles in nematic liquid crystals
Erick Martins Ratamero Physics  
Sam Brown Physics Theory Machine Learning for Structure Prediction of Nanotube-encapsulated Crystals
Haiyuan Wang Physics Department Surface structure and segregation in Mn(Ga)Sb (0001) surface by first principles
Gavin Bell Physics  
Maximilian Saller Warwick university Trajectory-guided multidimensional quantum dynamics
Professor J E Cremona Mathematics / CSC  
Oliver Dunbar Warwick Mathematics Institute From Soap to Simulation
Thomas Nichols Stats/WMG  
Sarah Wishart WCPM, Department of Engineering  
Scott Habershon Chemistry  
Jeremy Reizenstein Complexity science  
Bjorn Stinner Mathematics  
antonino savojardo University of Warwick, Department of Physics Energy exchange between Quasi-solitons
Rudolf Andreas Roemer Physics Using entanglement to discern phases in the disordered one-dimensional Bose-Hubbard model
James Kermode School of Engineering  
Wilma Groenewald CSC  
Peter Brommer Engineering Uncertainty Quantification Strategies in Classical Effective Potentials Simulations
Nicholas Hine Physics  
Frank Chen WBS  
Igor Khovanov School of Engineering  
Carlo Guardiani School of Engineering, Warwick University  
Rocco Fornari Chemistry Exciton Dynamics in Phthalocyanine Molecular Crystals.
Ritchie Mae Gamot CSC Intelligent Water Drops with Perturbation Operators for Atomic Cluster Optimization
Jorge Lindley Mathematics Two-Dimensional Downscale Energy Cascades
Louis Ellam WCPM  
Jianqiao Zhu Psychology  

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Tinis - Etruscan god of the sky


We are happy to announce that the winners of the Poster Presentation were;

• Minsuok Kim for his poster ‘Multi-dimensional Modelling of Dynamic Flows in Central Airways for Normal Breathing’

• Ritchie Mae Gamot for her poster ‘Intelligent Water Drops with Perturbation Operators for Atomic Cluster Optimization’

• Oliver Yang was awarded a prize for his presentation ‘Turbulent skin-friction control by spanwise wall motion at high Reynolds numbers’

If you would like to know about future events being held by the CSC please sign up to the CSC-Events mailing list here