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Affiliate Staff at the CSC

Affiliate members are associated with the Centre by virtue of our common interest in scientific and high-performance computing. For Warwick and non-Warwick affiliates this means that they can use CSC's facilities*, teach in CSC courses, engage with CSC students as project supervisors and participate in as well as help to shape the scientific events taking place at CSC.
Name Contact Research Topics Department
Peter Brommer
Office: F317
+44 (0) 24 765 28613
E-Mail: p dot brommer at warwick dot ac dot uk
James Kermode
Office: F317
Phone: +44 (0) 24 765 28614
E-mail: j dot r dot kermode at warwick dot ac dot uk
Hybrid quantum/classical, concurrent multiscale modelling, materials fracture and failure, chemomechanics, predictive modelling Engineering
Robin Ball OfficeP567
+44 (0)24 765 28408
+44 (0)24 766 92016
Soft matter, especially polymers and colloids and their dynamics and rheology, non-equilibrium self-assembly, especially growth models. Physics
Abhir Bhalerao OfficeCS226
+44 (0)24 765 24910
+44 (7876) 858246
Abhir dot Bhalerao at warwick dot ac dot uk

Image Analysis, Pattern Recognition, Medical Image Analysis, Biometrics, Face Recognition, Fingerprint Analysis and Matching, Forensic Image Analysis Computer Science
Nigel Burroughs OfficeB2.35
+44 (0)24 765 24682
+44 (0)24 76
Application of mathematics and statistics to biological and medical problems


seconded to

Systems Biology

Greg Challis


telephone+44(0)2476 574024

G dot L dot Challis at warwick dot ac dot uk

Natural products chemistry and biology, including isolation and structure determination of new bioactive natural products, genomics and genetics of natural product biosynthesis. Chemistry
Sandra Chapman OfficeB2.35
+44 (0)24 765 23390
+44 (0)24 76 523672
Near earth space science and astrophysics Physics
Bo Chen OfficeWarwick Business School
+44 (0)24 765 24755
+44 (0)24 765 24539

Scheduling theory and applications; real-time optimization; combinatorial optimization; decision analysis Warwick Business School
Dan Chen OfficeBirmingham University, Computer Science

Computer-based Modeling and Simulation, High Performance Computing, and Neuroinformatics School of Computing, University of Birmingham
Nicholas Dale

homeLife Sciences

Telephone+44 (0)2476 523729

The overall theme of our group is how neurons communicate with each other to achieve the desired neural function. Our work splits into two major areas: Neurophysiology and Technology development. School of Life Sciences
Nick d'Ambrumenil OfficePS136
+44 (0)24 765 23982
+44 (0)24 766 92016
Theory of interacting electrons and low-dimensional systems Physics
Ruth Davies  telephone   Warwick Business School
Kurt Debattista OfficeInternational Digital Laboratory
+44 (0)24 765 50290
+44 (0)24 765

High-performance computer graphics and visualization WMG/IDL
Robert Deeth


telephone+44(0)2476 523187

Design and implementation of computer modelling methods for molecular transition metal systems and coordination polymers. Chemistry
Marc Eberhard OfficeElectronic Engineering, Aston University
+44 (0)121 204 3503 
Photonics research, optical communication systems, long haul systems and their optimisation for WDM and DWDM transmission Electronic Engineering Aston University.
Paul Harrison OfficeP543
+44 (0)24 765 72942
+44 (0)24 766 92016

Physics of neutrinos (neutrino mass, leptonic mixing and neutrino oscillations) Physics
Wilfrid Kendall OfficeStats
+44 (0)24 765 23082
+44 (0)24 765 24532

Statistical Markov chain Monte Carlo especially perfect simulation, stochastic geometry, application of statistical mechanics models in image processing Statistics
Michael Pitt


telephone +44(0)2476 523226

envelope m dot pitt at warwick dot ac dot uk

Financial Time Series; Non-Gaussian state space models; Stochastic Volatility models; Financial Econometrics; Bayesian methodology and Markov Chain Monte Carlo; Filtering and Smoothing; Time series with specified marginal densities. Economics
Julie Staunton OfficePS132
+44 (0)24 765 23381
+44 (0)24 766 92016

Modelling properties of materials, especially magnetic materials, using ab-initio electronic structure theory; magnetism in metals, magnetic semiconductors, strong electron correlation effects, short-range order in disordered systems. Physics
Neil Stewart OfficeH125
+44 (0)24 765 73127
+44 (0)24 765 24225
Perception, categorisation, and judgement and decision making. Psychology
Alex Tiskin

 telephone+44(0)24 76572599

envelopeA dot Tiskin at warwick dot ac dot uk

Discrete mathematics; parallel computation; string algorithms. Computer Science
Matthew S Turner OfficePS142
+44 (0)24 765 22257
+44 (0)24 765 23672
(i) Sickle hemoglobin fibers (ii) Lipid rafts and membrane physics in general (iii) Genetic networks (iv) Fiber-membrane interactions (v) Molecular motors (vi) Neurophysics (vii) Buffering of cell tension (viii) Mechanical sensitivity of membrane channels



Systems Biology

Roland Wilson


telephone +44(0)24 7652 3195

envelopeRoland dot Wilson at warwick dot ac dot uk

  Computer Science

*The use of CSC facilities may be subject to charges which may vary for different facilities. Please refer to the CSC facilities pages for more information.