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Msc Students

MSc students at the CSC start a week before the university term starts (week zero).

We hold a short induction at 9.30am on the first Monday of your course in room CS0.07 of the Computer Science Building. We try to make sure that your Personal Tutor is available to meet you then and, apart from sorting out various paperwork, we are there to answer any questions that you might have.

From there the lecturer for the first week of CY900 will take you to start the course.

PhD Students

Induction for PhD students is done on a one to one basis with the Secretary of the CSC. They will contact you to arrange a suitable time.


At the end of week zero, at 5.30pm, we hold a barbeque for you on the balcony of the Staff Common Room at the CSC (if it rains we hold it indoors!). Your personal tutors, past and present students and module leaders are invited to join us. This is a good time to rest after a solid week of work and meet some of the other people in the CSC.

We have a collegiate attitude and encourage researchers at all stages of their studies to feel equally welcome.

People sitting around a table outside eating.

The Course Handbook for the MSc can be found here