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2.2 The emacs tutorial

Some versions of emacs actually comes with an in-built tutorial. Unfortunately, this is not installed on the linux machines in the Maths department. Should you find a machine that does have emacs with an in-built tutorial, you can access it by doing the following: Get an emacs session up and running - in the emacs window, type Ctrl-h t . This should start up a tutorial session in your emacs window, probably starting with pre-amble at the top of the page

Copyright (c) 1985 Free Software Foundation, Inc;  See end for conditions. 
You are looking at the Emacs tutorial. 

HOWEVER, in the linux machines in the maths department, you will need to download this tutorial file, tutorial.txt. To start this tutorial, just type at the prompt:

emacs tutorial.txt &

What you should do now is work through this tutorial, doing all of the exercises along the way. When you are done, go on to the next section in this Session.