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IWCDF2023 - International Workshop on Computational Document Forensics




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IWCDF 2023

Fourth International Workshop on Computational Document Forensics

The volume of digital document images and the development of consumer tools have seen huge evolutions. With all the benefits it comes with, the development of these technologies has also an important side effect: forging these images has become easier and easier and the number of amateur fraudsters has increased manifold. Actually, it is quite accessible for many people to scan any document (payslip, bill, etc.), modify one or several critical fields (name, date, amount of money, etc.) using easily available software packages (MS Paint, Gimp, etc.) and print it with commonly available devices. For institutions and companies, fraud can be considered a real plague as shown by the many studies that were undertaken during the previous years. A recent research topic has grown and many works focus on the development of automatic approaches for detecting or preventing forged documents. IWCDF 2023 aims at addressing the theoretical and practical issues related to this field with the idea of fostering discussions between the academic and industrial worlds, highlighting the advances in the related fields, and creating mutual collaboration on related areas. Interaction among practitioners and academic researchers will receive special attention in this workshop.

Topics of Interest:
● Prevention of forgeries in documents
● Detection of forged documents
● Detection of fake documents
● Detection of forgeries in printed and rescanned documents
● Authentication of documents
● Forgery localisation
● Copyright protection
● Watermarking
● Digital signatures
● Handwriting and signature authentication