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SIP Lab - People

Post-doctoral researchers
PhD students
MSc students


Dr Victor Sanchez
Associate Professor (Reader)

Email: v.f.sanchez-silva [at]


Dr Yu GuanLink opens in a new window
Associate Professor

Email: yu.guan [at]


Dr Tanaya Guha
Honarary Associate Professor

Email: tanaya.guha [at]




Post-doctoral researchers

Dr Roberto Leyva

Research topic: Intelligent video surveillance.

Funded by The Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA), UK

Email: Marcial.Leyva-Fernandez [at]


Dr Lee Prangnell

Associate Post-doctoral Researcher

Research topic: Perceptual quantisation algorithms for the High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC)/H.265 standard and the Versatile Video Coding (VVC)/H.266 standard.

Email: lee.prangnell [at]

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PhD Students


Abeer Almowallad

Research topic: Human emotion recognition from facial expressions

Email: abeer.almowallad [at]


Yuqi Ouyang
Research topic: Online video anomaly detection

Email: yuqi.ouyang [at]


Jiashu Liao

Research topic: Pose-invariant face recognition based on generative models

Email: jiashu.liao [at]

Guodong Shen
Research topic: Prediction-based video anomaly detection

Email: Guodong.Shen [at]

Bhushan Atote
Research topic: Explainable AI for computer vision applications

Email: Bhushan.Atote [at]

Yiming MaLink opens in a new window

Research topic: Deep learning for crowd counting and behavior recognition

Email: Yiming.Ma.1 [at]

Olayinka AjayiLink opens in a new window
Research topic: Deep Spatiotemporal Models for Video Representation Learning

Email: Olayinka.Ajayi [at]


Yixuan Yang
Research topic: Point cloud completion based deep learning with self-supervision

Email: Yixuan.Yang.1 [at]

Bashayer AbdallahR
esearch topic: 2D to 3D rendering of images

Email: Bashayer.Abdallah [at]


Shuai Shao
Research topic: Wearable-based human activity recognition

Email: Shuai.Shao.1[at]

Boyang Fu
Research topic: Multi-object tracking in videos

Email: Boyang.Fu [at]


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MSc Students


Amey Noolkar
Research topic: Video analysis for motions
detection and prediction

Email: Amey-Anil.Noolkar [at]


Funmi Kesa
Research topic: Joint multi-object detection and tracking

Email: funmi.kesa [at]

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PhD and MSc by research

  • Dr Roberto Leyva (2018-2021)
    Currently: Postdoctoral researcher, Warwick Manufacturing Group, UK
  • Dr Karina Perez-Daniel (2016 - 2018)
    Currently: Lecturer, Universidad Panamericana, Mexico, and Associate Researcher, University of Warwick, UK
  • Dr Miguel Hernandez-Cabronero (2015 - 2016)
    Currently: Postdoctoral researcher, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain
  • Dr Debaleena Roy (2023)
    Currently: Teaching Fellow at Aston University, UK
  • Dr Yifan Liu (2023)
    Currently: Post-doc fellow at WMG, UK
  • Dr Abdullah M. Algamdi (2022)
  • Dr Amir Shirian (2022)
  • Dr Olly Styles (2022)
  • Dr Haoyi Wang (2021)
    Currently: Machine Learning Engineer, CGG
  • Amine Boukrout (MSc by Research 2021)
  • Dr Lee Prangnell (2018)
    Currently: Associate Researcher, University of Warwick
  • Dr Roberto Leyva (2017)
    Currently: Postdoc, University of Essex, UK, and Associate Researcher, University of Warwick, UK
  • Dr Alaa Khadidos (2017)
    Currently: Assistant Professor, University of King Abdulaziz, Saudi Arabia
  • Dr Tzu-His Song (2017)
    Currently: Postdoc, University of Birmingham, UK
  • Dr Ning Jia (2017)
    Currently: Postdoc, University of Durham, UK
  • Dr Alasdair Thomason (2017)
    Currently: Researcher, Jaguar Land Rover R&D, UK
  • Dr Jose Portillo Portillo ( 2016)
    Currently: Lecturer, Instituto Politecnico Nacional, Mexico
  • Dr Guannan Li (2015)

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Researchers and industry
  • Dejan ┼átepec and Damjan Murn
    X-Lab, Slovenia, April-May, 2018 & August-September, 2018, August 2019
  • Stan Bolan and Dr Cecilia Aas,
    Five AI, UK, February 2018
  • Dr Xiangyu Yu
    South China University of Technology, China, October 2016 - December 2017
  • Dr Matteo Naccari
    BBC R&D, UK, November 2015 and December 2016
  • Dr Alexandros Iosifidis
    Tampere University of Technology, Finland, November 2016
  • Prof. Michael W. Marcellin
    University of Arizona, USA, June 2015
  • Dr Francesc Auli-Llinas
    Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain, March 2015
  • Dr Hassan Mansour
    Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories (MERL), USA, November 2014
  • Dr Joan Bartrina Rapesta
    Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain, July 2014

PhD and MSc students

  • Mara Paola Cardenas Martinez (MSc by research)
    Instituto Politecnico Nacional, Mexico
    October 2022-March 2023
  • Carlos Domenick Morales Molina (MSc by research)
    Instituto Politecnico Nacional, Mexico
    February-July 2019

  • Diego Santamaria (MSc by research)
    Instituto Politecnico Nacional, Mexico
    February-July 2019

  • Mario Perez Alejo (MSc by research)
    Instituto Politecnico Nacional, Mexico
    April-June 2018
  • Fairoza Amira Binti Hamzah (Ph.D.)
    Nagaoka University of Technology, Japan
    March-May 2017
  • Aldo Hernandez (MSc by research)
    Instituto Politecnico Nacional, Mexico
    March-August 2016

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