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Scope and History

ECSCRM is a biannual scientific event that explores, presents and discusses the new achievements in the field of wide-bandgap semiconductors focusing on silicon carbide. It is an international gathering of scientists and engineers who are active in the research and technology of this field and serves as a platform for exchanging ideas on recent scientific and technical developments between the industrial, academic and public sectors.

ECSCRM addresses advances in both basic research, as well as technology of this scientific field. For the former, the aim of the conference is to discuss the latest progress in basic research issues such as theoretical and experimental investigations of crystal growth, characterization and control of material properties, as well as other research issues of silicon carbide and related materials. For the latter, the ambition of the conference is to debate new research results relevant to wafer production processes, device fabrication technologies and device applications and to analyze their impact on the goals of the industry towards the development and commercialization of advanced devices and circuits for energy saving, high voltage switching, high frequency, high power and high temperature applications.

The very first ECSCRM took place in Fodele-Heraklion, on the beautiful island of Crete, Greece in 1996.

Following a successful course of almost two decades, the conference has gained momentum, acquired significant prestige among professionals and travelled all over Europe. The 12th ECSCRM will take place in the dynamic and vibrant city of Birmingham, located at the heart of the United Kingdom.

2nd ECSCRM 1998 / Montpellier, France / 2-4 September 1998
3rd ECSCRM 2000 / Kloster Banz, Germany / 3-7 September 2000
4th ECSCRM 2002 / Linköping, Sweden / 2-5 September 2002
5th ECSCRM 2004 / Bologna, Italy / 31 August – 4 September 2004
6th ECSCRM 2006 / Newcastle upon Tyne, UK / 3-7 September 2006
7th ECSCRM 2008 / Barcelona, Spain / 7-11 September 2008
8th ECSCRM 2010 / Oslo, Norway / 29 August – 2 September 2010
9th ECSCRM 2012 / St. Petersburg, Russia / 2-6 September 2012
10th ECSCRM 2014 / Grenoble, France / 21-25 September 2014
11th ECSCRM 2016 / Halkidiki, Greece / 25-29 September 2016
12th ECSCRM 2018/ Birmingham, UK / 2-6 September 2018