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School of Engineering Dynamics of FRP Structures

Dynamics of FRP Structures

Characterising dynamic performance of fibre reinforced polymer structures for resilience and sustainability

Structural application of fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP) composite materials is one of the key factors leading to technological innovations in aviation, chemical, offshore oil and gas, rail and marine sectors. Motivated by such successes, FRP shapes and systems are increasingly used in the construction sector, such as for bridges and small residential buildings. An obstacle to a wider use of FRP materials in structural engineering is the current lack of comprehensive design rules and design standards.

While the preparation of design guidance for static actions is at an advanced stage in the USA and EU, the design against dynamic loading is underdeveloped, resulting in cautious and conservative structural design solutions. Knowledge on the dynamic properties (natural frequencies, modal damping ratios, modal masses and mode shapes of relevant vibration modes) of FRP structures and their performance under dynamic actions (such as pedestrian excitation, vehicle loading, wind and train buffeting) needs to be advanced if to achieve the full economic, architectural and engineering merits in having FRP components/structures in civil engineering works.

This project, funded by EPSRC, will contribute to improving design of FRP structures against dynamic actions. It consists of four key activities:

  • Developing an instrumented all-FRP bridge structure that will provide unique insight into both static and dynamic performance over the course of the project, and beyond;
  • Providing novel experimental data on dynamic properties and in-service vibration response of FRP structures in the UK and abroad; and
  • Critical evaluation of the numerical modelling and current vibration serviceability design approaches.
  • Organising a workshop to discuss and disseminate the findings.

See info about Workshop on Dynamic behaviour of FRP structures

Held on 22 June 2018 at the University of Warwick, Coventry