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Experimental Data

This page contains the electronic format of the experimental data collected on nine full-scale FRP bridges from the links listed in the table below.

The data for each bridge are provided in the form of a compressed file. The compressed file consists of a docx file titled ‘Bridge_description_and_ data_format’ and a series of txt files of original data. After downloading and unpacking the data, you can inspect and analyse them using any software that can read the txt files. To understand the data fully, make sure to first read the docx file which explains the data format.

Every effort has been made to present the data in an easy to follow format. In case you need any additional information, feel free to contact the PI using this email link s dot zivanovic at warwick dot ac dot uk.

  Name Description File Size Keywords
Parsons_Bridge Experimental data of the Parson's Bridge (665 KB) FRFs from impact hammer testing
Prato_Bridge Experimental data of the Prato Bridge (10 KB) Ambient vibration testing

Download all files as a zip