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School of Engineering Warwick University Satellite Project

Warwick University Satellite Project


Welcome to WUSAT - The University of Warwick Satellite Engineering Team 

We are proud partners of the

Midlands Innovation CubeSat Group

The University of Warwick Satellite Engineering Team designs, builds, tests, launches and operates low-cost nano-satellites to meet the requirements of a defined mission.

Our multi-disciplinary teams use the same Systems Engineering methodology used by major Space Agencies (ESA, NASA) to produce the highest standard of satellite system solution to best meet the needs of each mission and provide industry relevant experience to our students.

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Who We Are!

Dr Bill Crofts WUSAT-3 Team 2019-20 prof_julia_hunter-anderson-cropped.jpg

Dr Bill Crofts is founder and Co-Director of WUSAT, and has been managing WUSAT projects since 2006.

2019-2020 WUSAT-3 Team

Our core teams are made up of 4th Year MEng and PhD engineering students. Find out more about the WUSAT-3 Team here!

Prof Julia Hunter-Anderson is Co-Director of WUSAT, joining the team in 2016. Julia is also a highly experienced practicing Space Systems Engineer.