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School of Engineering Warwick University Satellite Project

The WUSAT Satellite Engineering Team designs, builds, tests, launches and operates low-cost nano-satellites to meet the requirements of a defined mission. Our multi-disciplinary teams use the same Systems/Concurrent Engineering methodology used by major Space Agencies (ESA, NASA) to produce the highest standard of satellite system solution to best meet the needs of each mission.

Dr Bill Crofts is founder and Co-Director of WUSAT, and has been managing WUSAT projects since 2006.
Prof Julia Hunter-Anderson is Co-Director of WUSAT and has extensive experience as a Space Systems Engineer
The 2018-19 WUSAT Team
Julia Hunter-Anderson, Ken Diep, Michael Kaniou, Ellen Daly, Bill Crofts, Diella Agyeman, Anjali Yadav, Hamish Fotheringham, Kulan Gunawardena
This is a rendered image of our current mission WUSAT-3.
Designed for launch to the International Space Station, WUSAT-3 will be placed into Low Earth Orbit where it will test a new technology concept for monitoring wildlife.


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