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WUSAT Projects

WUSAT educational projects have been running for over 12 years:

2006 to 2012: electrical sub-system designs for ESMO, a student Moon orbiting mission for ESA;

2012 to 2013: a high altitude balloon launch of our first 1 unit (1U) CubeSat, WUSAT-1, to take high resolution images in a harsh environment;

2013 to 2015: a REXUS rocket launch of our second 1U CubeSat, WUSAT-2, including a light spectrometer payload, designed to measure the chemical content of the atmosphere during descent;

2015 to present: a 3U CubeSat, WUSAT-3, to demonstrate a novel direction-finding capability for use to monitor wildlife, designed to be launched from the International Space Station.

The following video gives a flavour of the project process, teams and achievements to date.