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CanSat MCR - WUSAT / Warwick Aerospace Society

CanSatMCR is a competition run by the University of Manchester. It is a UK-based version of the original US competition. Warwick CanSat is a collaboration between WUSAT and the Warwick Aerospace Society to form a cross-departmental Warwick CanSat Team to compete in an annual CanSat project.
The aim is to design and build a simple satellite that roughly fits the dimensions of a fizzy drink can - hence the name.
This satellite is then raised above the ground and dropped. It must control its descent whilst simultaneously transmitting the environmental information it gathers to a ground station.
The students taking part in this competition must design and build the satellite from scratch and adhere to specifications which differ for each year of the competition's running.

To learn more about the individual Warwick CanSat teams visit the links on the right.

Links To Team Pages

Warwick CanSat I - 2018/19
The University of Warwick's first CanSat Team!
Warwick CanSat 2 - 2019-20
First WUSAT/WAS CanSat Team to launch by rocket.