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Our People

The CDT to Advance the Deployment of Future Mobility Technologies will see the School of Engineering and WMG jointly train cohorts of 10 students who will choose projects across two streams: Wide Bandgap Power Electronics (WBGPE) and Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAV).

Stream 1: Wide Bandgap Power Electronics and Applications Stream 2: Connected and Autonomous Vehicles
pm01.jpg Professor Phil Mawby
CDT Co-Director
02476 524742
Prof Mehrdad Dianati

Professor Mehrdad Dianati
CDT Co-Director
02476 524884

Jose profile pic

Dr Jose Ortiz Gonzalez
Deputy CDT Co-Director

Photo of Roger

Dr Roger Woodman
Deputy CDT Co-Director
02476 528395

More information on the power electronics research team and projects is available here: Power Electronics Applications and Technology in Energy Research (PEATER) Group

Please see here for more information on the expertise and current projects of the Intelligent vehicles research group