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Stream 2: Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

Stream 2 focuses on the deployment of advances in Connected and Autonomous vehicles to address a variety of national needs such as improving safety, energy efficiency, comfort and convenience. For more specific information about the areas of interest, please visit our Intelligent Vehicle Research web page at:

Some of the areas of interest in this stream include but not restricted to the following topics:

I) Virtual/physical validation frameworks, and CAV certification

II) Reliable on- and off-board information processing and communications systems

III) Cyber Security, trust and privacy aspects of CAV technologies

IV) Business models and ethical considerations

V) Human factors in designing autonomous driving systems

VI) Dependability of positioning, perception and control systems for CAVs

Students will select modules from the School of Engineering and WMG Manufacturing MSc programmes as well as the bespoke modules below:

  • Automotive sensors and sensor fusion
  • Network and Comms for Connected Car
  • Machine Intelligence and Data Science
  • Human Technology Interaction
  • Robust Automotive Embedded Systems

All students will study modules on research skills, business, ethics, social responsibility and policy.

Industrial sponsors and relevant external partners will deliver specific training and illustrative lectures throughout the programme.

Please see here for more information on the expertise and current projects of the Intelligent vehicles research group