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Dr David Pratt

Clinical and research motion analysis

Dr David Pratt PhD, MIPEM, MInstP, CPhys, SRCS
Principal Clinical Engineer,Clinical Measurements Laboratory
Regional Rehabilitation Centre
Selly Oak

7th February 2002 12.30pm, Room A401, Engineering


This talk is intended to present the clinical motion analysis system used, generally, by most centres worldwide and, specifically, Birmingham Specialist Community Health Trust. The system, called VICON, is based upon high quality digital cameras that are used to detect surface mounted markers on the subject being assessed. From a set of 2D images of markers positions a composite 3D pathway for each marker is produced from which various parameters of skeletal and joint motion can be inferred. These data can then be co-ordinated with many other different signals to produce a comprehensive view of the motion being assessed. These can include such items as foot/ground reaction forces, emg, plantar pressures and other physiological signals. An expert team comprising of clinicians, therapists, podiatrists and clinical engineers then interpret this data set and produce a report relating to treatment planning.

In addition, there are simpler analyses that can be carried out using just one or two aspects of the whole system. These simpler analyses can open up the use of the facility for the benefit of many more patients to provide quicker, more accurate and/or more targeted treatment. These aspects will be illustrated.

The system has many uses in research and some of these are discussed with particular reference to modelling of the body, proprioceptive feedback and outcome measurement.

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