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EPSRC-funded Workshop

Workshop on Indistinguishability and Model Discrimination in Systems Biology

Tuesday 29 September 2009

University of Warwick

As part of an EPSRC-funded grant on Indistinguishability analysis for model discrimination in Systems Biology: A Feasibility Study applied to Bacterial Peptidoglycan Biosynthesis a team from the School of Engineering, Biological Sciences and Chemistry held a one day workshop on the applicability of (structural) identifiability and indistinguishability to mechanism discrimination and identification in Systems Biology.


9.30 - 10.00 Coffee/Tea
10.00 - 10.30

Introduction: Model discrimination in Systems Biology

Mike Chappell (University of Warwick)

10.30 - 11.15

Parameter redundancy and identifiability

Diana Cole (University of Kent Canterbury)

11.15 - 12.00

Uncovering the design principles of polyamine regulation: An integrated modelling and experimental study

Svetlana Amirova (University of Leicester)

12.00 - 13.15 LUNCH
13.15 - 14.15

Challenges for mathematical modelling in the drug industry

James Yates & Chris Taylor (AstraZeneca)

14.15 - 14.45

Observable normal form for mechanism discrimination

Neil Evans (University of Warwick)

14.45 - 15.15 Tea/Coffee
15.15 - 15.45

Bacterial peptidoglycan biosynthesis

Dave Roper (University of Warwick)

15.45 - 16.15

Structural identifiability of two substrate enzyme catalyzed reaction mechanisms

Daniel Bearup (University of Warwick)

16.15 - 16.45

The application of structural and numerical identifiability to Mur C kinetic models

John Hattersley (University of Warwick)

16.45 - 17.00 CLOSE