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Professor Fred Fitzke

Correlating Visual Function with Novel Imaging Techniques in the Human Eye


Professor Fred Fitzke
Professor of Visual Optics and Psychophysics
Department of Visual Science
Institute of Ophthalmology
University College London

21st April, 12.00pm, A206a, Engineering


Compared to other tissues investigations of the human eye have the special advantage that its exquisite optical image forming properties allow unparalleled visualisation of its different components using non-invasive techniques. Despite these advantages much of our knowledge about the role of the structural elements to the function of the eye depend on post-mortem investigations from donor eyes. This is particularly important in understanding the underlying mechanisms of visual loss with ocular pathologies.

New developments in imaging based on scanning laser ophthalmoscopic techniques and on optical coherence tomography have vastly extended the limits of visualising the retina. Adaptive optics has provided new advances in seeing its microscopic structure. The potential for combining these approaches promises to further extend our ability to see fine structural detail. Because we will then be able to both image at previously unattainable resolution and investigate visual function using psychophysical techniques in the corresponding locations we will for the first time be able to investigate how structural properties on this scale underlie function and abnormalities of function.

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Prof Fred Fitzke