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Current Members

Orkun S Soyer, PI


Born in Istanbul, Turkey on 5th of July, 1975. BSc in Chemistry from Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey (2000). PhD from University of Michigan for work with Richard A. Goldstein (2004). Postdoc with Sebastian Bonhoeffer at ETH, Zurich (2004 - 2006). Independent researcher at Microsoft Research - University of Trento Centre for Computational and Systems Biology (2006 - 2009). Lecturer/Senior Lecturer of Systems Biology at University of Exeter (2009 - 2013). Professor of Evolutionary Systems and Synthetic Biology at University of Warwick (2013 - ). Research area: Networks, evolution, and all in between. Off work: Keen sailor. Google ScholarLink opens in a new window | OrcidLink opens in a new window | AcademicTreeLink opens in a new window

Mary Coates, Project & Lab Manager

Mary 2019

Born in Leamington Spa 1978. BSc in Biological Sciences from The University of Exeter (2001). PhD from The University of Warwick (2007) working with Prof. Jim Beynon on Plant-Microbe Interactions. I have undertaken various part-time Project Facilitator and Project Management positions within the University of Warwick since 2008 and have been with OSS Lab since 2012. Since 2020, in addition to my Project Management role, I have ventured back in the Lab to assist with the Gordon and Betty Moore foundation project and to help with Lab management and technical support. Off work: walking my dog, reading, crochet.

Post Doctoral Research Assistants
Sarah Duxbury, PDRA

Sarah Duxbury PDRA

Born in UK. BSc (Hons) Biology (2013) from University of Bath. PhD in Biological Sciences (2018) from University of Exeter on resource competition and evolution of antifungal resistance in Candida species, supervised by Professors Ivana Gudelj, Ken Haynes and Dr. Steven Bates. Postdoctoral researcher in Laboratory of Genetics, Wageningen University and Research, The Netherlands (2018-2020) with Professor Arjan de Visser. Joined OSS Lab in October 2020. Research funded by Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, on topic of feedbacks between spatial organisation and metabolic interactions in aquatic microbial communities. Off-work: music (clarinet) and travelling

Jerko Rosko, PDRA


Born in Croatia. MSc Physics from the University of Zagreb (2013) and PhD in Biophysics from the University of Edinburgh (2017). Previously worked on bacterial motility and the role of osmotaxis in navigating complex environments. Interested in polymicrobial communities; how microbes interact with each other and their physical environment and the importance of self-propelled motion for these interactions. Joined the OSS Lab in 2021 to study the role of motility in development of spatial patterns in multi-species aquatic communities. AcademicTreeLink opens in a new window

Robert West, PDRA
Robert photo

Born in Rochford, UK. MMath from University of Bath (2014), MSc from University of York (2016). PhD in Applied Mathematics from University of Leeds (2020) focused on coloured external noise in stochastic population dynamics, supervised by Prof. Mauro Mobilia and Prof. Alistair Rucklidge. Postdoctoral researcher in the department of Physics at Bar Ilan (2020-2021) with Prof. Nadav Shnerb focused on Modern Coexistence Theory. Joined OSS lab in February 2022. Interested in mathematical modelling of biological communities with emphasis on the role and implementation of external noise, particularly in situations where there is interplay between external and demographic noise.

Adil Mustafa, PDRA


Born in Attock, Pakistan on 7th of March 1986. BEng in electronics engineering from COMSATS University, Islamabad (2009). Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from Koç University Istanbul, Turkey (2018). I have previously worked on developing microfluidic devices for Biomedical applications such as cell sorting and long term mammalian cell culture. Joined OSS lab in February 2022 to understand the origin and evolution of metabolic interactions using Fluorescence life time microscopy.

Kelsey Cremin, PDRAkelsey

Born in Swindon, England in June 1996. BSc (Hons) in Analytical Chemistry and Forensic Science from Coventry University, completed May 2017. MSc to PhD student in the Molecular Analytical Science- Centre of Doctoral Training (MAS-CDT), based in the OSS Lab and the Warwick Electrochemistry and Interface Group, University of Warwick (2018-2022). PDRA in OSS Lab from 2022. Off work: drawing, cooking.

PhD Students
Clare Hayes, PhD Student


Born in Los Angeles, USA in 1986. BA in Biology from Harvard University in 2009. Research technician for Professor Richard Murray at California Institute of Technology (2012-2016). PhD student in the Synthetic Biology Centre for Doctoral Training and the University of Warwick (2016-2020). Joined OSS Lab in August 2017. Research area: Metabolic system dynamics. Off work: hiking, swimming.

Luke Richards, PhD Student

Luke Richards

Born in Oldham, UK 1991. MBiolSci (Hons) in Biological Sciences (2013) from the University of Sheffield. Senior Technician (2013-2017) and Scientist I Molecular Biology and Bionformatics (2017-2018) at British American Tobacco Research and Development Cambridge. MIBTP PhD student from Oct 2018 in Patrick Schäfer lab University of Warwick and joined OSS lab in March 2020. Current PhD project: Understanding the structure and assembly of plant root/ soil microbiomes at the level of the community and single microbe-microbe interactions. Off work: Travel, music, painting


star wars Current and recent collaborators include...
University of Warwick: Chris QuinceLink opens in a new window, Pat UnwinLink opens in a new window, Marco PolinLink opens in a new window, Munehiro AsallyLink opens in a new window.
External: Alex FletcherLink opens in a new window (University of Sheffield); Elisenda FeliuLink opens in a new window (University of Copenhagen); Wenying ShouLink opens in a new window ( Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center).



OSS Lab proudly acknowledges the following students and researchers for their work and enthusiasm during their time in the lab. We wish them all the best in their future career (their immediate destinations indicated, where available).

  1. Emily Skates (PhD student 2019-2023, PDRA University of California Merced)
  2. Connah Johnson (PhD student 2018 - 2022, PDRA at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)
  3. Zoe Schofield (PDRA 2019-2022, WMG Warwick)
  4. Hadrien Delattre (PDRA 2018-2021, AFM-Telethon)
  5. Ciaran Duff (URSS project student, summer 2021)
  6. Katie Croft (Summer student 2021, PhD Oxford University)
  7. Praneet Prakash (PDRA 2019-2021, University of Cambridge)
  8. Craig McBeth (PDRA, 2019-2020, University of Nottingham)
  9. Jing Chen (PDRA, 2016-2019, Sichuan UniversityLink opens in a new window)
  10. Christian Zerfass (PDRA, 2015-2019, Jena University,Germany)
  11. Andrea Martinez-Vernon (PhD Student, 2014-2018, AigenPlus)
  12. Kalesh Sasidharan (Post-doc, 2013-2018, moved on to his own spin-out; Humane Technologies Ltd)
  13. Sean Aller (PhD Student, 2014-2018, St George's, University of London)
  14. Xue Jiang (PhD student, 2013-2017, Los Alamos Labs)
  15. Fred Farrell (Post-doc, 2016-2017, Illumina)
  16. Tobias Grosskopf (Post-doc, 2013-2016, Roche)
  17. Kent McClymont (Scientific Computing, 2014-15)
  18. Song FengLink opens in a new window (PhD student, 2011-15, Los Alamos National Labs)
  19. Chris De Wolf (Technician, 2013-15, University of Warwick)
  20. Nicolas Delalez (Post-doc, 2014-2015, University of Oxford)
  21. Jamie Lue (Post-doc, 2012-15, University of Warwick)
  22. Simone Zenobi (Technician, 2013-14)
  23. Francesco Montefusco (Post-doc, 2011-14, University of Padova)
  24. Varun B Kothamachu (PhD student, 2010-14)
  25. Arno Steinacher (Post-doc, 2011-14, University of Cambridge)
  26. Munia Amin (PhD student, 2010-13)
  27. Kaitlin Weegman (MSc student, summer 2012)
  28. Tuba Ayhan (UG project, summer 2011)
  29. Steve Cockram (UG project, summer 2011), and
  30. Nihat Sayar (PDRA, 2010-11).