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4. An evolutionary systems biology view on metabolic system structure and dynamics

Johnson C, Delattre H, Hayes C and Soyer, OS (2021)

In: Crombach, Anton, (ed.) Evolutionary Systems Biology : Advances, Questions, and Opportunities. Springer-Nature. (2021)

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3. In Silico Evolution of Signaling Networks Using Rule-Based Models: Bistable Response Dynamics

Feng S and Soyer OS (2019)

In: Hlavacek W. S. (ed.) Methods in Molecular Biology: Modeling Biomolecular Site Dynamics. Springer (2019)

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methods in molecular biology
2. Evolutionary Principles Underlying Structure and Response Dynamics of Cellular Networks

Steinacher A and Soyer OS (2012)

In Soyer O.S. (ed.). Evolutionary Systems Biology: Adv. in Exp. Medicine and Biology. Springer, (2012)
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1. Fate of a Duplicate in a Network Context

Soyer OS (2011)

In: Dittmar K. and Liberles D. (eds.). Evolution after Gene Duplication. Wiley-Blackwell, (2011)
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