Coronavirus (Covid-19): Latest updates and information
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Welcome to the OSS Lab

Headed by Orkun S. Soyer, the current focus of the OSS lab is to develop a predictive and quantitative understanding of cellular metabolism and metabolic interactions among cells.

Current key areas of research

1. Emergence and evolution of metabolic excretions and interactions in microbes (funded by NSF/BBSRC) (in collaboration with Wenying Shou).

2. Feedbacks between metabolism at cell level and spatial organisation at population level (funded by Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation).

3. Electrical control of cellular metabolism (funded by Cancer Research UK) (in collaboration with Pat Unwin).

4. Deciphering microbial interactions in microbial communities using temporal metagenomics (currently in-between funding) (in collaboration with Christopher Quince).

5. Modelling of metabolic dynamics (currently in-between funding) (in collaboration with Elisenda Feliu and Alex Fletcher).

For additional information please see our 'Research' page and affiliated project websites:

Bio-Electrical Engineering Innovation Hub

Engineering Synthetic Microbial Communities for Biomethane Production

Monitoring UK Anaerobic Digestion Microbiomes

Our Funders

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New publication (Nov 2020)

'Scanning ion conductance microscopy reveals differences in the ionic environments of gram positive and negative bacteria' by Kelsey Cremin, Orkun Soyer et al., Anal. Chem.

New publication on Covid-19 (Nov 2020)

Life Science Alliance, 'Inhibiting the reproduction of COVID-19-causing SARS-CoV-2 through perturbations in human cell metabolic network' by Hadrien Delattre, Kalesh Sasidharan, Orkun Soyer.

Cancer Research during Lockdown (June 2020)

Featuring our very own Zoe Schofield, see what CRUK scientists have been doing to continue their research during Covid-19 lockdown: Video Link

New Publication on bio-electricity (May 2020)

'Bioelectrical understanding and engineering of cell biology' by Zoe Schofield et al., and Orkun Soyer (2020). J. R. Soc Interface 17:20200013.

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