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Welcome to the OSS Lab

Headed by Orkun S. Soyer, the current focus of the OSS lab is to develop a predictive and quantitative understanding of cellular metabolism and metabolic interactions among cells.

Current key areas of research

1. Emergence and evolution of metabolic excretions and interactions in microbes (funded by NSF/BBSRC) (in collaboration with Wenying Shou).

2. Feedbacks between metabolism at cell level and spatial organisation at population level (funded by Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation).

3. Electrical control of cellular metabolism (funded by Cancer Research UK) (in collaboration with Pat Unwin).

4. Deciphering microbial interactions in microbial communities using temporal metagenomics (currently in-between funding) (in collaboration with Christopher Quince).

5. Modelling of metabolic dynamics (currently in-between funding) (in collaboration with Elisenda Feliu and Alex Fletcher).

For additional information please see our Research, Publications, and Pre-Prints pages. You can access code/software from our GitHub page and we have started to use to make our lab protocols easily available (more will be added over the next few months).

See also our current and past collaborative projects on bioelectricty: Bio-Electrical Engineering Innovation Hub, anaerobic microbial communities: Engineering Synthetic Microbial Communities for Biomethane Production, and Monitoring UK Anaerobic Digestion Microbiomes.

Our Funders

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ChemChaste publication (June 2022)

Congratulations to Connah on his first author paper 'ChemChaste: Simulating spatially inhomogeneous biochemical reaction–diffusion systems for modeling cell–environment feedbacks' in GigaScienceLink opens in a new window.

PhD Viva success (June 2022)

Congratulations to Dr Connah Johnson :-)

ChemChaste Tool available online (March 2022)

Visit our GithubLink opens in a new window page or ZenodoLink opens in a new window to access the ChemChasteLink opens in a new window code, a computational tool for the spatial simulation of multicellular and bulk biochemistry

Happy New Year with publication success!

Congratulations to Clare on her first author paper 'Multi-site enzymes as a mechanism for bistability in reaction networks' @ ACS Synthetic BiologyLink opens in a new window

Congratulations Sarah! November 2021

Sarah's work from her previous post-doc in the Netherlands has been published in 'Proceedings of the Royal Society BLink opens in a new window'.

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