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A website created by the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics in which mathematicians explain how they are applying mathematics to practical problems.

A site with innumerable mathematical puzzles, logic games... recommended by our alumni.

Mathematical Moments

A website created by the American Mathematical Society that features new and often surprising applications of mathematics.


A website for enrichment activities at school level, based at the University of Cambridge.

Christmas Lectures

The Royal Institution Christmas Lectures were started by Michael Faraday in 1825, as a way to put scientific ideas over to young people. They have been televised since 1966. Mathematics has featured on three occasions: Christopher Zeeman's "Mathematics Into Pictures" (1978), Ian Stewart's "The Magical Maze" (1997), and Marcus du Sautoy's "The Num8er My5teries" (2006). Click on the images below for Ian Stewart's lectures in webcast format, from the Royal Institution website. You will need to register with the site, but this is free.

Xmas Lectures 1 Xmas Lecture 2 Xmas Lecture 3 Xmas Lecture 4 Xmas Lecture 5

Popular Mathematics

Quick links to websites of some of the mathematicians who are active in the popularisation of mathematics:

John Barrow, Chris Budd, Keith Devlin, Ivars Petersen, Marcus du Sautoy, Ian Stewart, Robin Wilson.

Plus Magazine

An online mathematics journal for schools.

Gresham College

Founded by Sir Thomas Gresham in 1597, Gresham College is an independently funded educational institution based in Barnard's Inn, Holborn, London. Sir Christopher Zeeman and Ian Stewart have both been Gresham Professor of Geometry in the past; the current Professor of Geometry is John Barrow. The college's principal activity is providing accessible public lectures; there is no fee. Check out the Geometry Professor's lectures.

Millennium Mathematics Project

The Millennium Mathematics Project is a mathematics education initiative for ages 5 to 19 and the general public, based at the University of Cambridge and active nationally and internationally. Its aims are to support mathematics education and promote the development of mathematical skills and understanding, particularly through enrichment activities.


A number of Ian Stewart's mathematical podcasts are available fron the University of Warwick and iTunesU. They are free to download. To access iTunesU you will need iTunes software. Go to the iTunes shop, and look under CATEGORY and then MATHEMATICS. To acess the podcasts through Warwick University, click on the images below.

Warwick iTunesU icon Why Beauty is Truth cover cover of Science of Discworld

Mathematical Association of America

This is the main American society for mathematics teachers, with a significant presence at undergraduate level. The Association's website carries regular features by writers such as Keith Devlin and Ivars Petersen. The Association also publishes the American Mathematical Monthly, which has undergraduate-level articles, either surveys or original material. The Monthly is famous for unusual and attractive mathematical ideas, mainly for those with sophisticated tastes.