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PhD Productivity Group

Doing a PhD requires all kinds of different skills - reading, writing, publishing, coding, presenting, building relationships, teaching, going to conferences, choosing research questions etc. That is a lot of stuff to try and get good at.

This group is a place to meet and discuss experiences, tips and advice on PhD life. This could be general approaches, specific tools or anything in between. By learning from each other we can fast track ourselves to better ways of doing things and avoid costly mistakes.

The aim is that for every 1 hour spent in the group you should save many hours in productivity gains.

And it should be fun too.


We pick a different topic each month. On the first Monday of each month at 11am we have a session where we discuss the topic and share tips and experiences. This will have an informal structure but may be broken up into mini-sessions where we address key things to think about. For example the session on Reading was broken up into "How to read", "What to read", "How to organise reading", "Other thoughts".

Alongside the sessions we will add notes to an interactive white board, which serves as a way to organise the group's thoughts and record what was discussed.

Everyone is Welcome

Come along.

The group is run by Charlie Pilgrim and Peter Strong. If you want to join the mailing list and Teams group then email Charlie at