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Yiping Zhang

Hi, I am a second-year PhD student in Mathematics for Real-World Systems CDT. I am interested in mathematical modelling in biology and ecology. My PhD research project is under the supervision of Professor Matt Keeling and Professor Nigel Burroughs.


[E1] Bachelor of Science, East China Normal University, 2012-2016.

Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, GPA: 3.57/4.0.

[E2] Master of Science, East China Normal University, 2016-2019.

Applied Mathematics--Applied Partial Differential Equations, Average Score: 85.36.

[E3] Master of Science, University of Warwick, 2019-2020.

Mathematics of Systems, Distinction.

Research Experience

[RE1] Master Thesis ‘The Three-Patch Model with Random Dispersal and Time Delay’, supervised by Professor Xiaoqing He.

[RE2] Mathsys Research Study Group ‘Predicting the Impact of Childhood Vaccines: Health & Economics’, supervised by Professor Matt Keeling.

[RE3] Master Thesis ‘Mathematical Modelling of HPV16 Infection Process’, supervised by Professor Matt Keeling and Professor Nigel Burroughs.

Teaching Experience

[TE1] East China Normal University, Teaching Assistant

  • Mathematical Analysis Ⅰ, 2016-2017 term 1.
  • Advanced AlgebraⅡ, 2016-2017 term 2.
  • Mathematical Analysis Ⅰ, 2017-2018 term 1.
  • Calculus, 2017-2018 term 2.
  • Real Analysis, 2018-2019 term 1.

[TE2] University of Warwick, Teaching Assistant.

  • MA251 Algebra 1: Advanced Linear Algebra, 2020-2021 term 1.
  • MA250 Introduction to Partial Differential Equations, 2020-2021 term 2.

[TE3] University of Warwick, Undergraduate Supervisor.

  • Maths/Phys First Year Group, 2020-2021 term 1- 2.


[A1] 2014 ‘Shenzhen Cup’ Summer Camp of Mathematical Modelling, First Prize in Shanghai.

[A2] 2013-2015 School Scholarship for ‘Outstanding Student’ in East China Normal University.

[A3] 2015 ‘Excellent Intern’ of Bank of China.

[A4] 2019 Outstanding Graduate in East China Normal University.



Zeeman building,
University of Warwick,