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Principal Investigators

The QBP seeks to identify and attract highly talented Early Career Research Fellows (ECRFs) that can harness both “wet” experimental and “dry” mathematical / computational approaches in biomedical research and span discipline boundaries.



John James | Associate Professor | Immunology

My group studies the decision-making ability of immune cells that allows them to discriminate between healthy and infected cells so effectively.

Erin Gorsich

Erin Gorsich | Assistant Professor | Disease Ecology

My group studies the ecology and evolution of infectious disease in animal populations, with a focus on disease dynamics, wildlife health, and conservation.


Darius Köster | Assistant Professor | Cell Biology

My goal is to decipher and model the physical and biochemical interdependencies between cell membrane organisation, membrane tension and the cell cortex, which are important for signaling processes on the molecular, cellular and organism scale.


Aparna Ratheesh | Assistant Professor | Cell Biology

I am interested in unraveling the biochemical and mechanical pathways driving immune cell migration during physiological contexts such as embryonic development as well as pathological conditions such as cancer metastasis.


Michael Smutny | Assistant Professor | Cell and Developmental Biology

I aim at identifying the molecular, cellular, and physical mechanisms regulating the embryonic developmental program.

Independent Fellows


Andrew Bowman | Chromatin Dynamics

My goal is to accurately model the process of nucleosome assembly at the systems level by quantifying dynamic transitions that occur within the histone chaperoning pathway.


Irene Stefanini | Evolutionary Systems Biology

I aim at identifying the genetic variants associated with relevant phenotypes