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The Epigenome: Mechanisms of Maintenance

30th June 2017 - University of Warwick

Warwick-Wellcome Quantitative Biomedicine


We were pleased to hold the 3rd Warwick-Wellcome Quantitative Biomedicine Programme's symposium on recent advances in the fields of epigenetics and cell fate. The symposium was a one day event that brought together scientists working on a broad range of epigenetic systems to discuss quantitative models of inheritance at the molecular, cellular and organismal level.

Topics spanned the inheritance of chromatin states in single celled eukaryotes, mechanisms of trans-generational inheritance in metazoans, chromatin structure, DNA and histone modification, transcriptional programmes, gene imprinting and current technological advances in epigenomic tools.

It proved to be an exciting symposium for both experts in the field and for novices who were interested in the current state-of-the-art in epigenetics

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Robin Allshire

University of Edinburgh


Shankar Balasubramanian

University of Cambridge


Oded Rechavi

Tel-Aviv University


Iestyn Whitehouse

Memorial Sloan-Kettering


Constanze Bonifer

University of Birmingham


Anne Ferguson-Smith

University of Cambridge


Jane Mellor

University of Oxford


Ferenc Mueller

University of Birmingham


Fred Berger

Gregor Mendel Institute


Skirmantas Kriaucionis

Ludwig Cancer Research


Petra Hajkova

Imperial College London

The symposium will take place at Warwick Conferences, Scarman House.

The conference centre is located on the main campus of the University of Warwick, a short distance from Coventry train station and Birmingham International Airport.

Directions to Scarman House can be found here.

The central location of the University of Warwick means that a day-trip is possible from many major cities including London, Oxford, Cambridge, Leicester, Nottingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol and Birmingham.

For those who wish to stay overnight, and those coming from further afield, accommodation can be booked at the conference venue - Scarman House.

Registration is now closed.

Organising committee: Andrew Bowman (Lead), Karuna Sampath, Daniel Hebenstreit, Andre Pires da Silva

Contact email: WQBP at warwick dot ac dot uk