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Dr. Nicole Robb

I completed a BSc in Microbiology at Imperial College London before doing a DPhil at the University of Oxford, where I specialised in the field of influenza virology. Following a post-doc in Biological Physics at the University of Oxford I was awarded a Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowship to start my own group, using fluorescent microscopy techniques to visualise, study and detect RNA viruses at the single-molecule level. In 2020 I became an Assistant Professor at the University of Warwick, while maintaining a visiting lectureship at the University of Oxford. I am the co-founder of University of Oxford spinout OxDX Ltd.Link opens in a new window and a member of the management team of the University of Warwick's Institute for Global Pandemic PlanningLink opens in a new window (IGPP).


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Andrew McMahon

DPhil student (St. Cross College, University of Oxford)


Nicolas Shiaelis

DPhil student (St. Annes College, University of Oxford)


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Danielle Groves

MRC-DTP PhD student


Molly Watling

ARAP PhD student


Rupika Gulati

PhD student


Prabir Kulabhusan

Post-doctoral researcher (Oxford)


Previous members:

Sammi Ta (MBio student)

Benjamin Middleton (MPhys student)

Charlie Bassi (MPhys student)

Rebecca Andrews (Post-doctoral researcher)

Sohail Ghani (MIBTP PhD candidate)

Dominik Kammerer (Erasmus student)

Alexander Tometzki (MPhys student)