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Maternal Health

The Maternity Research theme at Warwick CTU, in collaboration with University Hospitals Coventry and Warwick (UHCW), focuses on the development, implementation and evaluation of interventions to improve maternal and infant health and well-being before, during and after pregnancy. Working across both Warwick Clinical Trials Unit and UHCW our multi-disciplinary team including service users, develop and lead multi-centre randomised controlled trials, and a portfolio of primary and secondary research studies using quantitative and qualitative approaches and evidence synthesis, to generate high quality evidence to meet priority health needs before, during and after pregnancy.

The focus of our research covers issues relevant to the maternal and infant life-course, from understanding how to prevent recurrent early pregnancy miscarriage and pre-term labour, evaluation of interventions during labour to improve maternal and infant outcomes, optimal management of medically complex pregnancies, and how postnatal contacts could be planned and managed to address maternal physical and psychological co-morbidity, including better understanding of breastfeeding support needs.

Our current work is funded by the NIHR HTA programme, NIHR EME programme, NIHR Research for Patient Benefit programme, NIHR Public Health Research programme, Tommy’s Charity, Burdett Trust for Nursing, Department of Health, and NIHR CLAHRC South London.

We have a range of expertise and experience in supervision of post-graduate and post-doctoral students. If you are interested in post-graduate study, including applications for fellowship awards in a relevant area, please contact Professor Bick debra dot bick at warwick dot ac dot uk.

Recent publications:

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Members of the Maternity and Obstetrics theme have published a three-paper report published in The Lancet highlights that the current approach to miscarriage care must be improved – see recent publications.

Key People:

Professor Debra Bick - theme lead

Professor Siobhan Quenby

Dr Joanne Fisher

Dr Hema Mistry

Dr Sharin Baldwin

Dr Nithya Sukumar