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Key information



Anticoagulants for Living FoEtuses in women with recurrent miscarriage and inherited thrombophilia

Chief Investigator: Professor Siobhan Quenby

Sponsor: University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust

Funder: NIHR Research for Patient Benefit (RfPB)


ALIFE 2 was a multi-centre randomised clinical trial to compare Low Molecular Weight Heparin (LMWH) with standard pregnancy surveillance in women with inherited thrombophilia (a blood clotting problem) and a history of recurrent miscarriage (RM).

Women with a history of RM (2 or more not necessarily consecutive miscarriages or intra-uterine foetal deaths), confirmed inherited thrombophilia and who were attempting to conceive or were less than 7 weeks pregnant (based on first day of last menstruation) were registered onto the study.

Participants were randomised to one of two groups. Participants in group 1 injected LMWH once daily, starting immediately after randomisation. LMWH was discontinued at the beginning of labour.

Participants in group 2 received no intervention in addition to standard pregnancy surveillance.

Sample size:

The trial sample size calculations have included patients being recruited in the Netherlands ALIFE2 trial. The Netherlands ALIFE2 trial also have oversight of recruitment for the ALIFE2 Trial in the USA and Belgium, Slovenia and Canada, this is independent of the UK component of the trial.

The international sample size for the ALIFE trial was 400 registered participants.

Primary outcome:

 Live birth (defined as birth of a living child)


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The ALIFE2 trial is now complete.

Please see 'Publications' for links to published results.

A summary of the results is provided here: 'Information for the Public'

You can also read about the trial results on the Tommy's website - News Item