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AIR - Ankle Injury Rehabilitation

Comparing plaster cast to functional brace in the rehabilitation of ankle fractures

Study page

ARTISAN - Acute Rehabilitation following Traumatic anterior shoulder dISlocAtioN

A Multi Centre Randomised Controlled Trial

Study Page

ATM - Achilles Tendinopathy Management

Comparing Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to placebo (imitation) injection in adults with Achilles tendon pain

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PreFIT - Prevention of Fall Injury Trial

What is the comparative effectiveness of advice, exercise and a multi-factorial fall prevention (MFFP) programme on peripheral fractures among older people living in the community?

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Prosper - PRevention of Shoulder ProblEms TRial

Comparing usual care (written information leaflets) versus a physiotherapist-led exercise programme for women at high risk of developing shoulder problems after breast cancer treatment.

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REGAIN - Rehabilitation Exercise and psycholoGical support After covid-19 InfectioN Study Page
Sphere SPHERe - Supervised Pulmonary Hypertension Exercise Rehabilitation trial Study Page