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This is the index page for the 2006 Trial.


23 October 2006 User Trial (4 * 3 simulated cases posted over following two weeks)



Project Workflow
New Case Surgeon posts new case through Submit Case Form 
Publish new case
  1. Rota Heft is notified through form submission email. They use the View recent submissions for this form link.
  2. Save attached graphics as, into new local HEFT folder, called by casenumber
  3. Create a new page for the case, by copying widget to casenumber
Prepare Page
  1. Cut & Paste case details into template - (Edit Right Content)
  2. Change Properties of new case (Edit Properties) - Heading, Title, Link.
  3. Give View Permissions to in-heft group
Prepare Graphics
  • Mainpage- simply upload single files as jpeg (or a zip)
  • Subpage(s) Create a new page- Image Gallery page
Announce Page Copy link of new case page. Go to forum page. Make new post requesting a vote, supplying the link.
Voting Participants follow link and vote. Results can be observed via View recent submissions for this form link on Voting Page