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More important now than ever before

The Persephone project is a phase III, randomised trial comparing six months Herceptin® treatment with twelve months, in patients with early stage breast cancer


Project Objectives

To compare 6 months Trastuzumab therapy with the standard 12 months therapy in terms of disease free survival in patients with HER 2 positive early stage breast cancer.

We also aim to analyse Health Economic and quality of life data for superiority for 6 months Trastuzumab as well as assess cardiac function for development of cardiac damage.


Persephone is funded by the UK Department of Health, NIHR Health Technology Assessment Programme.

The trial is sponsored by Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and University of Cambridge.

Any opinions expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the UK National Health Serivce or the Department of Health.

“This trial addresses an important question and one to which the world is waiting for an answer”

Prof. Clark, Consultant Medical Oncologist & Chair NICE Technology Appraisal Committee