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Completed Trials


Discover the trials WCTU has completed.

Completed trials

Trial name About the trial

Trial type

Chief Investigator
ACTIVATES Investigating whether an exercise programme is acceptable to patients, parents and physiotherapists and what training is required to deliver the treatments in NHS hospitals. (Published paper) Musculoskeletal Professor Sallie Lamb
AIR Assessing the difference in the Manchester-Oxford Foot and Ankle Questionnaire at six months after injury between adults with an ankle fracture treated with functional bracing and exercises versus standard plaster cast care. Musculoskeletal Prof Rebecca Kearney
ATM Comparing Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to placebo (imitation) injection in adults with Achilles tendon pain Surgery, Trauma & Orthopaedics Prof Rebecca Kearney
BALTI-2 Investigating whether salbutamol improves the health of patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). (Published Paper) Emergency and critical care Professor Fang Gao
BALTI-prevention Investigating the effectiveness of inhaled salmeterol for the prevention of acute lung Injury/Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) in patients at high risk of developing the condition. (Published paper) Emergency and critical care Professor Gavin Perkins
Best A multi-centred randomised controlled trial of a primary-care based cognitive behavioural program for low back pain. (Published paper) Rehabilitation Professor Sallie lamb
Breathe Protocolised trial of invasive and non-invasive weaning off ventilation. Emergency and critical care Prof Gavin Perkins
CHESS Investigating the management of chronic headaches.


Prof Martin Underwood

DAPA To answer the question: Does a programme of exercise and physical activity improve cognition for people with mild to moderate dementia? Frailty Prof Sallie Lamb
FASHIoN Designed to help decide on the best treatment for hip impingement so that we can care for you and others with hip impingement more effectively in the future. Trauma and orthopaedics Prof Damian Griffin
FIS Assessing the clinical and cost-effectiveness of facet joint injections compared to best usual non-invasive care in patients with persistent non-specific low back pain.(Published paper) Emergency and critical care Dr Harbinder Sandhu
HeFT To investigate whether surgery by open reduction and internal fixation provides benefit compared with non-operative treatment for displaced, intra-articular calcaneal fractures. (Published paper ) Trauma &Orthopaedic Professor Damian Griffin

Investigating the effect of using decision aid on available treatment options for patients with non specific chronic low back pain and their decision making process, on the patient's satisfaction levels.

(Published Paper)

Rehabilitation Professor Martin Underwood
I-WOTCH Improving the Wellbeing of people with Opioid Treated Chronic pain. Rehabilitation Dr Harbinder Sandhu
OPERA Investigating effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of a whole home physical activity intervention to reduce depression in older people in residential and nursing homes. (Published Protocol) Frailty Professor Martin Underwood
PET-NECK Comparing PET-CT guided watch and wait policy versus planned neck dissection for the management of locally advanced (N2/N3) nodal metastases in patients with head and neck squamous cancer. (Published paper) Cancer Professor Janet Dunn
PARAMEDIC Examining whether a new mechanical chest compression device (called LUCAS-2) improves survival in victims of cardiac arrest. (Published Paper) Emergency and critical care Professors Simon Gates & Gavin perkins
PARAMEDIC 2 This trial looks at whether adrenaline is helpful or harmful in the treatment of a cardiac arrest that occurs outside a hospital. Answering this question will help to improve the treatment of people who have a cardiac arrest. Emergency and critical care Prof Gavin Perkins
Pre-FIT What is the comparative effectiveness of advice, exercise and a multi-factorial fall prevention (MFFP) programme on peripheral fractures among older people living in the community? Frailty Prof Sallie Lamb
ProsperLink opens in a new window Comparing usual care (written information leaflets) versus a physiotherapist-led exercise programme for women at high risk of developing shoulder problems after breast cancer treatment. Musculoskeletal Dr Julie Bruce
RISE Return to work with Individualised Supported Employment (RISE) Rehabilitation Dr Rob Froud
SAFE-TKR Safety and Feasibility Evaluation of Tourniquets for Total Knee Replacement Trauma and orthopaedics Mr Peter Wall

Investigating two approaches to treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) affecting the hands.

(Published Paper)

Rehabilitation Professor Sallie Lamb
SELECT-D Anticoagulation Therapy in SELECTeD Cancer Patients at Risk of Recurrence of Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) Cancer Prof Annie Young
STRESS-LLink opens in a new windowLink opens in a new window Stress-L: STudy into the REversal of Septic Shock with Landiolol (Beta Blockade) Emergency and Critical Care Dr Tony Whitehouse
WHiTE Looking at the clinical and cost effectiveness of treatments of fracture of the proximal femur. Trauma and orthopaedics Prof Matthew Costa
WOLLF A trial of standard care wound management versus negative pressure wound therapy in the treatment of adult patients with an open fracture of the lower limb. Trauma and orthopaedics Prof Matthew Costa