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Remote multicomponent rehabilitation compared to standard care for survivors of critical illness after hospital discharge: a randomised controlled assessor-blind clinical and cost-effectiveness trial with internal pilot

People treated in intensive care need a great deal of special care and support. After discharge from hospital, some people find their muscles are still weak and their ability to exercise and to do everyday things may still be affected. They can also have confused memories of their time in the intensive care unit. For most people, these problems get better on their own, but for other people, they may continue for a long time after leaving hospital. iRehab will investigate the effects of:

    1. A six week multicomponent, rehabilitation intervention, delivered remotely by a core intervention team. In brief, the intervention includes four components: weekly symptom management; targeted exercise; psychological support and information/peer support.
    2. Compared to Standard Care, not involving structured rehabilitation.

Sample Size: 428 participants (control n=197; intervention n=231)

Primary outcome is health related quality of life at 8 weeks post randomisation. Secondary outcomes include health-related QoL (at six months), physical function, fatigue, anxiety and depression, healthcare resource use at eight weeks and six months post-randomisation

Trial Duration: 1st January 2022- 31st December 2024 (36 months)

259 Participants
43 Recruiting Sites

As of 14th May 2024

Latest News:


30th April: 250 participants have been randomised to iRehab

5th March: Half way target of 214 reached

14th Febuary: 200 participants have been randomised to iRehab

8th January: 190 participants have been randomised to iRehab


18th August: 110 participants have been randomised to iRehab

9th August: 35 sites open to recruitment

8th August: 100 participants have been randomised to iRehab

7th July: 90 participants have been randomised to iRehab

19th June: 80 participants have been randomised to iRehab

11th May: 60 participants randomised to iRehab

26th April: 50 participants randomised to iRehab

12th April: Non-Substantial Amendment 07 implementation date

3rd March: 25 sites open to recruitment

28th Feb: iRehab is now registered with API Scheme

30th Jan: 10 participants randomised to iRehab

13th December: First participant randomised to iRehab

18th November: First 5 sites have received the green light to commence recruitment

18th November: iRehab is now open to recruitment


Chief Investigator:

Dr Brenda O'Neill

Co-Chief Investigator:

Prof Danny McAuley


Ulster University



Registration Number:



Please direct all enquiries to the iRehab team;

Kerry Raynes: Trial Manager

Sarah Lowe, Trial Manager

Katherine Jones, Research Fellow


Tel: 02476151367