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Information for participants

About the Trial

People treated in intensive care need a great deal of special care and support. After discharge from hospital, some people find their muscles are still weak and their ability to exercise and to do everyday things may still be affected. They can also have confused memories of their time in the intensive care unit. For most people, these problems get better on their own, but for other people, they may continue for a long time after leaving hospital.

We want to find out if a rehabilitation programme can help people recover more quickly after they are home from hospital. This trial will test a programme of ‘remote’ support, where patients talk to healthcare staff over video or telephone. They will also have help to do some exercises to help their recovery. This trial will be the first to test a remote approach to rehabilitation. We want to find out if remote support is better than usual NHS care for people recovering from a critical illness.

Accessing the iRehab database

Please note that the iRehab database does not work in Internet Explorer. If you are experiencing difficulties, please use another browser such as Chrome or Edge.

It is possible that there may be some formatting issues when using the database on some devices. If you are experiencing problems, you may need to try on a different device. If you are still having difficulties, please don't hesitate to get in touch with the trial team on 02476151367.