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Sit to Stand Test

We want to count the number of times you stand up and sit down on a chair in 30 seconds. It helps us find out how strong your legs are. The sit to stand test will be completed at your home via telephone or video conference (e.g. Microsoft teams) with a member of the iRehab team.

How to complete the sit to stand test:

Instruction guides:

1. Prepare Equipment

  • A straight backed chair, ideally with no arm rests around 17 inches
    (43.2cm) e.g. a dining chair. The same chair is to be used throughout
  • iRehab Pulse oximeter
2. You will be asked to make sure your chair is in a secure and stable place. If possible place the chair with its back against a wall. You may want to have someone in the room with you.

3. You will be asked to sit in the middle of the chair.

4. Cross your arms across the front of your chest (crossed at the wrists).
5. During the test you will need to stand up fully and then sit down into the chair properly.
6. The researcher will tell you when to start by saying the word “go.” After 30 seconds the researcher will tell you to “stop”. If the test is being carried out over the telephone, the researcher will not be able to see you. In this case they will ask you to say the word “up” each time you are standing up fully.


Please direct all enquiries to the iRehab team;

Kerry Raynes: Trial Manager

Louisa Edwards, Trial Coordinator


Tel: 02476151367 (General Trial Team Number) or 024 7615 1763 (iRehab Research Fellow)