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Evaluation of Bystander CPR initiatives

The BHF and partner organisations, such as Resuscitation Council (UK), have initiated campaigns to raise awareness about OHCA and the importance and effectiveness of bystander-CPR (BCPR). The campaigns involve several facets including supporting CPR training in schools, production of the Lifesaver app, national media campaigns and plans are in development to establish a national public access defibrillation (PAD). These initiatives have the potential to increase survival from an OHCA through increasing the rate of BCPR and PAD used.


This research will evaluate the effectiveness of these initiatives using a three-pronged approach:

  1. Analysis of rates of BCPR across the UK using historical data, and report annually on the rate of BCPR, the number of resuscitations attempted and on survival outcomes from attempts at resuscitation;
  2. Evaluate the effectiveness of specific community initiatives such as Leicestershire HeartSafe, Saving Londoners Lives, and ‘Restart-a-Heart Day’; and
  3. Explore if there is a relationship between the distribution and activity of Heartstart and CPR in schools campaigns.

To achieve these objectives we will analyse the data by:

  • Examining BCPR Rates by age, gender, ambulance service, etc.;
  • Carrying out time-series analysis to look for trends in B-CPR rates; and
  • Examining the effectives of initiatives (national/local) on B-CPR & initiatives using special regression techniques.

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