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Our Work

FIRE "Facilitating Implementation of Research Evidence" is a four year international research collaboration. We are funded through the European Commission FP7 Programme.

The study is a partnership of researchers from the following universities - University of Warwick/RCN Research Institute (England), Manchester Business School (England), Bangor University (Wales), University of Ulster (Northern Ireland), University College Cork (Republic of Ireland), Karolinska Institutet (Sweden), Fontys University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands), University of Alberta (Canada) and University of Adelaide (Australia).

The FIRE Team will explore what happens when practitioners are provided with specific types of support to enable them to use the best available practice in their patient care. They are looking at what helps promote continence in older people in nursing homes and community hospitals. Facilitators will guide and support the individual practitioners, teams and organisations towards sustainable continence solutions that fit within their local environments.