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Warwick Research in Nursing

Warwick Research in Nursing

What challenges does our research seek to address?

We focus on understanding and improving care through high quality research relevant to nursing

What are we doing?

We have four inter-related research themes:

Prof Kate Seers

Kate Seers
Professor of Health Research

Warwick Research In Nursing

Vision - to generate knowledge that makes a difference in nursing, health and social care and is developed through partnership with researchers, health care professionals, patients, carers and the public.

Mission - to undertake high quality research relevant to nursing, health and social care that impacts on practice, education and policy.

Values - we aim to demonstrate collegiality, integrity, fairness and respect within an environment that is both supportive and challenging

Impact - we intend that our research has impact on practice, education and policy, with the aim of improving health and social care.

WRiN Latest Annual Report

Some examples of WRiN involvement in current studies:







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