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HWP Outcome letter - response to a self-referral

Sample HWP Group Outcome letter – response to a self-referral 

This sample letter provides an indication of the general layout only and is subject to regular review. The content of each letter is tailored to the specific circumstances, bespoke elements are italics, explanatory notes are in bold. 


Student name

Student email address


Dear Student,

Health, Welfare and Professionalism Group – meeting date

20XX cohort, Year X, Student number 1234567

Thank you for submitting your self-referral and supporting documents to the Health, Welfare and Professionalism (HWP) Group.

It was noted that (summary of self-referral). It was acknowledged that (summary of the actions taken by the student).

The following are typical comments/recommendations and depend on the circumstances and there may be a combination:

While nothing further is required, as your condition(s) is/are likely to change it would be useful if you could provide updates to the Group, WMS Student Support Team and Disability Services to ensure that you are receiving the appropriate support.

While nothing further is required, please advise us should your circumstances change. If you haven’t done so already, you may wish to discuss the possibility of reasonable adjustments with Disability Services and also Wellbeing Support Services who offer a range of services, such as counselling, masterclasses and specialist skills sessions.

Depending on your symptoms nearer the time of your exams, you may wish to discuss potential mitigating circumstances with your DST.

Please contact (DST name) as you transition into Year X to ensure your continued support.

Please meet with your Phase Lead/DST/Senior Tutor to discuss your situation.

Please provide a letter from your treating healthcare professional(s) outlining your symptoms, diagnosis and treatment so that support might be identified.

The Group determined that you were not demonstrating appropriate insight into your health and/or professional responsibilities and you should provide a reflection on (date). To assist with your understanding and in writing the reflection, please seek advice from the WMS Student Support Team and read the following GMC/MSC Guidance, the links to which can be found on the HWP Group page:

  • Achieving good medical practice: guidance for medical students;
  • Professional behaviour and fitness to practise: guidance for medical students;
  • The reflective practitioner: Guidance for doctors and medical students.

Yours sincerely

N Stockton

Chair of the Health, Welfare and Professionalism Group

cc: Deputy Senior Tutor