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Mentoring for Specialised Foundation Programme

The ongoing success of students from Warwick Medical School applying for the Specialised Foundation Programme has grown, which has ensured that the WMS community now has a pool of alumni that have been through the process and are at varying stages in their career.

To ensure that we can support future aspiring applicants, the SFP Mentoring Scheme was developed by students and staff to offer a range of activities that support those applying for this training route. This includes a range of bespoke workshops and also 1:1 support offered by a mentor.

Mentees are invited to apply to take part in the scheme, where they will be matched to a Mentor that will support them through the process.

this usually takes place between August and December once details of the application process and programmes are announced by UKFPO.

Once this information is available, Mentees will be able to apply here - a live link will be provided on this page.