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Student Seminars

What are Student Seminars?

A valuable learning opportunity run by Phase II students for Phase I. Multiple groups of Phase II students host weekly sessions, usually evenings for 1-1.5 hours, to review and explain Phase I content from a different perspective.

How do these Sems run?

Groups are varied; they may recap the previous week's core content, focus on their 'high-yield' topics, give tips and tricks for complex information, review specific Themes, or cover what their students request - and Kahoot! quizzes are pretty popular!

Sems are flexible, so there's an option for all student needs; delivered on most days, in person or via Teams, you can start attending at any point in the year, or only attend for particular Blocks you're struggling with.

What topics are covered?

Any topic taught during Phase I! Sessions are based upon the WMS curriculum, so you can ask questions about recent tricky content and get great tips for remembering it. Each Sem session usually covers 2-3 topics, based on the current or previous week’s lectures - but you can request specific topics too.

    How do I choose a Sem group?

    Each Sem group writes a Vibe Check - a quick brief describing their style and focus, that you can read on the sign-ups.

    Also - consider your learning needs. Would you rather cover that week's topics, ready for the next workshop? Or review last week's trickier concepts you've already attempted? Which Themes do you need some support with?

    Can I change groups?

    You can change groups anytime, capacity permitting. We encourage you to try multiple groups to find who best meets your learning needs. Some people stick with their group through the year, and revise with them too. Others try a new group every Block, or select a group based on what topics they will cover.

    How do I sign up for a Student Sem?

    Click here for the sign-up page, which shows which Sems are running for the 2023-24 academic year. To reserve a place, simply add your name to the sign-up row. Please note - that face-to-face seminars have limited capacity, and spaces are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis to those who sign up.

    Remember - these seminars are designed for you.

    You can give feedback to any of your Sem teachers - they want to teach what you want to learn, and be better teachers too, rather than waste time on the wrong things! You can also give anonymous feedback via QR code on each presentation, or email the committee hereLink opens in a new window with any queries or concerns.

    No feedback is too small!

    It's all valuable to improving our teaching, your learning experience, and your success, at WMS.

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    Katherine Bradfield

    “So helpful and friendly! Really nice to get information presented in a different way, in an open environment where questions are welcomed.

    Definitely a must for me this year and has helped so much - really enjoyed them!"


    “I had never heard of Student Sems before I came to WMS, but I can't recommend them enough!

    I think it's important to switch up your learning style to keep things interesting, and Student Sems really help with this.

    I like that you can try different groups until you find one that works for you.

    Once you attend the same seminar for a few sessions, you get to know your teachers who eventually feel like friends. Because you feel comfortable around them, you don't feel embarrassed to ask what you think are silly questions, and as a result, you really get a lot out of them.

    They're also a good opportunity to have informal chats about exams, study techniques, and WMS life in general. It's great to learn from students who have been in your position as they know exactly what you're going through.”

    Alvin Vyapooree

    “Great peer teaching and support from the years above.

    You can get some amazing tips on how to remember stuff, and it’s a great way to understand some concepts you might not have fully understood in the lectures!

    The years above know the struggles, so are pretty good at explaining what you need to know and in how much depth.”

    Meet the committee who organise Student Sems:

    Sophie Davies

    Max Somer

    Rashi Sharma

    Binika Gurung

    Kaja Vermazen

    Suzi Laws