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Breaking Translational Barriers 2023 – Accelerator awards now closed

Breaking Translational Barriers funding is designed to overcome well-defined roadblocks on the path to translation of research. Following the success of our previous scheme, the Warwick-Wellcome Translational Partnership has been offering new translational funding opportunities. See below for details.

Applicants will be expected to define the obstacle(s) they face and outline how this funding will be used to overcome this. Funding cannot be used to solely fund new research. See below for application details.

The previous round of awards has funded activities such as:

  • Market research to develop a commercialisation strategy.
  • Networking workshops to develop a healthcare-based skills programme.
  • Consultations with commercialisation specialists.
  • Regulatory approval costs for a new medical device.
  • Consumables and consultancy fees for clinical validation of a new medical device.

For more information on these awards, please visit our previous funding webpage.

Accelerator Awards (~£5-10K)

Not designed to fund research directly, accelerator awards will help remove discrete stopping points to translation, with it up to the applicant to define what obstacle they are looking to remove and how they will use funding to tackle this.


This fund is open to all researchers at Warwick that aim to have a positive impact on human health. Accelerator Awards will not fund Warwick staff time or solely research activities.

How to apply:

Applications are currently closed.

Currently, projects must be completed by 31st December 2023.

Applicants are encouraged to contact Warwick Innovations ( if their proposal has commercial potential.

Rapid Response Awards (up to ~£1K)

In addition to larger awards, smaller rapid response funds are available to allow Warwick researchers to take advantage of immediate translational opportunities. This could include consultancy fees, travel and accommodation to attend meetings, hosting small workshops and events, consumables to demonstrate translational potential, and opportunities for early user engagement.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and subject to rapid review.

Please email Rob Hollingworth ( to discuss your requirements for funding.

Currently, projects must be completed by 31st December 2023

Previous Funding Programmes:

Translational Fellowship Awards

Translational Fellowship Awards provide the opportunity for researchers to engage with translational research activities and take forward opportunities. Funding for 18-20 months salary, consumables and translational activities, is provided for a dedicated researcher to drive forward translational ideas arising from their own research or that of their research group.

Applications to this scheme are now closed.