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Building Translational Partnerships, 26th May 2022, 10.00 – 16.00

The Warwick-Wellcome Translational Partnership presents Building Translational Partnerships

An exciting all-day, in-person event on 26th May 2022 held at the Slate, designed to bring some of the brightest minds from healthcare industry, regional universities and hospital trusts together in a free-form day to spark new and innovative translational collaborations. Expert guest translational influencers include Dr Tim Hammonds (VP Drug Discovery, Locki Therapeutics Limited) and Dr Laura Lane (Principal, Advent Life Sciences).

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Oragnised by the Partnership's operational group (Research & Impact Services and the Warwick Medical School), funding for this event is provided by the Wellcome Trust, with further support provided by the Warwick Innovations Group as well as the University's Innovative Manufacturing & Future Materials and Health Global Research Priorities.

This event will:

  • Provide a space to gain perspectives from other academics, clinicians and industry outside your immediate network of colleagues and collaborators, drawn from across the Midlands and all interested in translation of healthcare research
  • Enable you to form new collaborations outside of the constraints of a conventional sandpit, which can then be used to form the basis of new grant applications. Translational projects and their associated barriers will be proposed by the delegates on the day, to capture the forefront of translation from those active in the field
  • Allow you to hear first-hand from expert speakers through Q&A sessions, as a departure from the typical format of plenary talks




10:00 (30 min)

Networking Arrivals/Registration

On arrival there will be structured networking space to allow early collaborative conversations

10:30 (10 min)

Welcome and Overview

An introductory session to meet other participants and to learn about the future vision for medical translation and the opportunities to support collaborative venture

10:40 (35 min)

Translation Process Investigation #Breakout

An introductory investigation to explore your experiences of medical translation processes and the pinch points that you have encountered. You will be sharing your experiences, including the actions you have taken to overcome barriers

11:15 (15 min)

Dr Tim Hammonds (VP Drug Discovery, Locki Therapeutics Limited) - Sharing Practice-based Experience

A review discussion, based on your experiences, with an expert speaker who has successfully accelerated the translation process

11:30 (20 min)

Networking Break


11:50 (40 min)

Imagining Future Medical Translation

Creation of a future medical translation process or concept that enables both push and pull scenarios to flourish

12:30 (15 min)

What can we do: Sharing Ideas to Support our Vision

Sharing ideas that will support the release of pinch points and breaking translational barriers

12.45 (15 min)

Dr Laura Lane (Principal, Advent Life Sciences) - External Pressures Impacting our World

A reflective conversation with an expert speaker about the wider external context that may drive innovative change

13:00 (60 min)

Lunch and Informal Networking


14:00 (10 min)

Initiating Collaboration: Opening of the Translation Collaboration Marketplace

An open forum to identify topics and ideas that you want to discuss and share with others

14:10 (40 min)

Translation Collaboration Marketplace

An opportunity to meet with others with a similar challenge or idea that you would like to discuss and develop

14.50 (20 min)



15:10 (30 min)

Ideas for Future Initiatives

In the first part of the final session, we will explore the ideas that have emerged and start to identify the potential for further collaborations

15:40 (20 min)

Review of the Day and Hopes for the Future

In the second part of the final session, Dr Andrew Blanks and Prof Andrew McAinsh will review the day and outline ideas for the future


Event close