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Chemistry meets biology

Biology meets Chemistry.   MOAC Seminar Room, January 19, 12.40–17.00

12.40                Lunch

13.10                Christophe Corre  New chemical keys to unlock the production of microbial antibiotics

13.20                Sonia Correa          Role of  MAPK in dendritic spine morphology

13.30                David Cheung        Simulations of soft matter interfaces

13.40                Miriam Gifford         How does nitrogen control developmental programs at the cell-specific level?

13.50                Matt Hicks               Biomolecular interactions: some new biophysical approaches

14.00                Peter Eastmond    Pathway engineering for enhanced oil production in crops

14.10                Rachel O'Reilly      Designer polymer nanoparticles

14.20                Yin Chen                 Microbial metabolism of methylated amine compounds in the ocean

14.30                Break 1

14.50                Rebecca Notman  Molecular simulations of biological membranes

15.00                Remzi Becer           Tailor-made polymer synthesis for biologists

15.10                Daniel Fulton          Neuron-Glial Synapses: Targets for Stimulating Neural Repair

15.20                Manuela Tosin       Synthetic probes of natural product biosynthesis

15.30                Dan Mitchell            Post-genetics and biophysics with routes into stem cell technology

15.40                Matt Gibson                        Using macromolecules to interact, replace or mimic biological systems

15.50                Andrew Dove          Degradable Biomaterials

16.00                Break 2