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Analytical Science

MOAC researchers are also heavily involved with the development of analytical scientific methods. There is a strong emphasis on the improvement of experimental designs, and the design and development of new instruments and data analysis tools. Many PhD projects couple experimental and theoretical work requiring mathematical models to be built or refined, and solutions found through analytical or numerical techniques.

Some current MOAC PhD projects with an emphasis on these areas are listed below:

Experimental design and data analysis

Quantitative applications of linear dichroism spectroscopy

Intelligent Systems for Extracting Meaningful Information From and Modelling Raw Experimental Data on Life Sciences Systems

Model Building

Analysing Protein Energetics with Stochastic Computation

Experimentally verified models of the neocortical microcircuit

Effect of Inhibitor Binding on the Rigidity, Flexibility and Mobility of Proteins

Instrument design and development

Quantitative Nanoscale Electrochemical Imaging Techniques for Neuroscience